3 times a champ 

1 Feb img_8785

I’m no stranger to being on Radio Cumbria. Usually to promote a running challenge I’m currently doing. A few months ago they rang to ask if I would do the Biz quiz.  They usually have a theme of who’s on that week. As I’m a blogger, I was pitting my brains against fellow Cumbrian blogger Beth. Unfortunately I lost by one point. I don’t like losing. 

How many times when you hear quizzes on the radio are you shouting and screaming the answers. It’s much harder doing it on the spot as your mind goes blank. Questions are only easy if you know the answers. 

So I was invited back on for their free for all Friday biz quiz. It’s winner stays on up to a maximum of 3 wins. This time I was on a winning streak and got my Biz quiz triple win crown. 

So thank you guys for inviting me on. Just waiting for my third certificate. 


Baked Camembert with figs and walnuts

1 Feb img_9295-1

Quick and super easy to do. The only exertion is cutting the baguette up to dip in. 


6-12 ripe figs

2 tbsp good sherry vinegar

100ml red wine 

50g walnut halves

4 thyme sprigs, broken up a little bit

4 tbsp clear honey

1 whole round camembert

crusty baguette, to serve


Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Cut a cross in the tops of the figs nearly, but not quite, all the way down to the bottom, and pinch the bases. Sit in a baking dish or roasting tin (big enough so the figs can sit in a single layer with the whole cheese) cut-side up, but don’t put the cheese in yet.

Mix together the vinegar and wine or grape juice with some seasoning, and pour all over the figs. Scatter over the walnuts and thyme. Finally, drizzle over the honey. Bake for 15-20 mins until the figs start to become soft and sticky.

Tuck the whole cheese in among the figs and put back in the oven for a final 5 mins. Lift the dish straight to the table and serve with lots of crusty bread to scoop up the molten cheese.


My review of the year – October – December 2015

2 Jan

The final instalment, I’m exhausted writing this. Definitely lots of things packed in this year. 


Finally a bit of good weather so a fell fix was in order. Doing Halls Fell ridge had been on the to do list all year. Ray and Stewy came along too. Though Stewy said he gets terrible vertigo, but with brownies and me holding his hand he  should be ok. Was a great scramble up and I did have a blonde moment when stood on the hill. I said are we going onto Blencathra? Gina what are you stood on!! Cue lots of laughter, in my defence it was cloudy when last there. For such a great mountain the summit marker is just a metal marker on the ground. We collected a waif on the way up called Rob. He wasn’t sure what route he was going to do so said come with us. That’s the great thing about being in the hills is kindness of strangers.    

Summit Selfie


I added a new tattoo to my collection. Wendy who has done 2 other tattoos for me is just so brilliant. I think that will be it now for me.  5 is enough.  

A cheeky mid week meet up with my friend Jan for dinner. Meeting halfway in Lancaster.   

Friends were opening a new brewery tap in Kendal. It’s such a quirky building mixing heritage with industrial. It’s great to have a new local ish to go to. Their brew Swan Black is my favourite.   

 Finally got to meet Jacob, my friend Tanya’s baby.   

Plan b’s are always better. The weather kept changing by its mind. Had set off to go fell walking but the cloud just kept descending so thought lets go to Lodore Falls and visit the Wainwright exhibition at Keswick museum. Friends Stu and Paula were about so came to join us.    

 It was time for Ria to join the 214 club. Even her husband Bob who doesn’t do fell walking came along. I love Hallin fell as was my first official Wainwright.    


Was very lucky to be given a night to stay at The Duke of Portland boathouse on the shores of Ullswater. I’ve driven past and taken the shot of this iconic place hundreds of times. So was always intrigued to what it was like inside. It’s great staying away but that’s not that far from home. With the recent floods, the house has been ruined which is so sad. http://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2015/10/20/staycation/


Good morning Lake District

Our god daughter Erin came for a sleepover. You know you’ve done a good job when she says “I don’t want to go home and can I come again?”. A trip to the Wildlife oasis, strictly come dancing and Brownies. She was a delight to have.    

  Having visited countless times with work, finally went to visit Blackwell arts and crafts house in Bowness. It is a wonderful house and nice playing a tourist in your home county.    

A few weeks ago I had said to Niamh and Erin I would take them trick or treating on Halloween. Any excuse to get dressed up! I even got some sweets too. 



My first race since completing the London marathon earlier this year. Was unseasonably warm for the time of year. Ran in a vest! Was a great course and pleased with 2:05.    

Gotta love bling

A trip to Cheshire with work and a late lunch catch up with Hayley. Couldn’t not have the obligatory pouting selfie!   

Played tourist again and finally visited Abbot hall art gallery in Kendal. The hall itself is incredibly interesting and the Canaletto exhibition which was on was fantastic.    

Fireworks night and off to Hawkshead to stay with friends Si and Liz.  The firework display is famous locally and didn’t let us down. Was nice to see a traditional bonfire too.   

Lots of catch ups with friends. Dinner and quiz with the Wilsons. Thankfully we didn’t come last.   

Dinner with Sid and Nancy. It’s scary where time goes as known each other for over 20 years. I remember Nancy saying when we were out once. “We could pass for 29” I said I’d hope so as I am 29. Cue lots of giggles.    

Storm Abigail arrived and put paid to my trail run date so was breakfast with Ria and Bob instead!

 A trip to London to see The Pennington southern branch. When we visit London always try to do a touristy thing. This time we did The Churchill war rooms. It was fascinating and what a man Churchill was.  

A brilliant exhibition


Lovely to see the family and nice lunch before heading home.   

A tick of my fabulist. When i did the Lancaster half marathon saw a flyer for a roller disco. Was brilliant fun. Roller skating is like riding a bike, you never forget how to glide.  

In between storms there were a few nice days on my coffee girl travels.  

Church in Dent



Derwent Water – Queen of the Lakes



The year nearly over, it’s gone very quickly. Domestic goddess time to cook for friends Dave and Romy. This dinner date was pencilled in months ago. A lovely evening, I love cooking for  people. 


December was an incredibly wet month with 5 named storms in as many weeks. The rain was and still is relentless. Roads became rivers.  Utterly devastating for the area.



My friend Jan came to stay for a few days. Lots of laughs ensued and a lot of wine.   

The second Twitter black tie do was here. I love getting dressed up. Was another successful fun night and raised money for Brathay trust and Bladder cancer.    


Never too young for a selfie



Hardcore crew partying and last to bed

Christmas was nearly upon us. I’m not a massive fan of Christmas but I do love putting the tree up and always end up buying a new trinket for the tree. 

It was my friend Kate’s surprised 40th birthday party. I was very impressed that she could still do the splits!! 

Pre Christmas drinks with Sarah. I was retro and had a snowball. Though it’s so heavy definitely could only manage one. 

Christmas was here, nibbles with Dean, Aimee, Jake and Joe on Christmas eve.  

Then my sister joined us on Christmas Day.    


Another storm arrived on Boxing Day but there was a window in the weather the day after, so headed up to Scouts Scar. I think everyone else had the same idea as was packed with people enjoying the fair weather. Scouts scar is a very special place as Dave’s mums ashes are scattered under a tree near the mushroom. 


So excited it’s not raining


My best friend Lisa and family were down at her mums in Gaisgill. So was nice to be invited for dinner and spend the evening with them. 



Was nice to finally meet Ally and Paul for a run. I wasn’t running well and that night fell ill with girl flu. I was grateful to the boys for having patience with me being a slow coach. 


Finally got to take Erin for her belated birthday treat of having her toenails painted. One happy girl with blingy toenails.   New phone arrived just in time to say goodbye to 2015. Loving the iPhone 6s.   

So there we are 2015 filled with lots of memories. Ended the year feeling a lot better with the world. Thank you to all who have been there for me and helped create memories throughout the year. 

Lots planned for 2016, read my resolutions here http://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2015/12/29/resolutions-2/

Hope you all have a happy 2016 and thanks for reading xx   

My review of the year – July – September 2015

1 Jan

Halfway through the year already, time flies when you’re having fun. 


My birthday month, another year older. An overdue catch up with Dave’s oldest friend Jo and her family. We met at The Plough, Lupton for the pudding club. A lovely evening and we were all sugar giddy at the end.    

 The weather was so unseasonal but did manage a couple of local walks. Had a walk up Brantfell in Bowness. A great little hill with views over Windermere.    
Also visited Sizergh Castle, hadn’t been for about 20 years. But having renewed our National Trust membership thought would take advantage. Had a lovely visit and had forgotten how interesting it was.    


My friend Jan was up in the lakes camping so called up to the Langdales and had dinner with her. 

My birthday, another year older more grey eyebrows! On my birthday we met the winkleys for pre dinner drinks and had a lovely dinner at The Castle Green. Great because it’s a short walk from our house.    

Followed by afternoon tea the following day at Holbeck Ghyll.    

The weather was so unpredictable, when we had planned a fell walk the weather came in. But walked along the shore of Windernere from the ferry nab. It was a lovely unexpected walk and you don’t always have to go high to get great views.    


Our eldest niece Lois came to stay for a long weekend. She is a delight to have. A fell fix up Fleetwith Pike, beer festival and a walk around Kirkby Lonsdale with Jo and family. 


Lois on the summit




A gin catch up with Kate, time goes too quickly.  

Utter joy at discovering cheap premium gin at Wetherspoons!



Such a wet start to the month, which didn’t bode well for Kendal Calling! Plus I was not feeling strong mentally as my councilling was tough work. It was nice catching up with the crowd we go with but the combination of biblical rain and snoring from camping neighbours really got to me. Elbow were amazing.  I don’t think I’m a camping kinda girl.   

So overjoyed for a respite in the rain

I had decided to get my running mojo back on track, I needed a race to aim for. So I entered the Lancaster half marathon  in November. Enough time for me to get fit again. 


Jake was back from his travels, missed him so much. He had an amazing time.   

I had always wanted to visit the Edinburgh Fringe festival. So squeezed in a day trip to soak up the atmosphere. The Winkleys came with us after talking about it in the pub a couple of days before. I love Edinburgh and was great just wandering round. My friend Lisa and family came  through from Glasgow, so was added bonus.  

Thirsty work this sightseeing


 My friend Kate said when we met for drinks a few weeks ago, said I’ve never been for afternoon tea. As a doer said we need to rectify this. So off we went to Lindeth Fell in Bowness. A lovely afternoon, cakes, gin and prosecco.  

Then my sister Sam said “I saw your pics and can we go for afternoon tea”. So we did to Lindeth Howe in Bowness. I’m so glad my sister moved to the lakes. A lovely afternoon. I nearly did drop the cake stand when trying to take a picture.   


Finally got to meet Jakes new boyfriend. Kieron was lovely and though biased they make such a gorgeous couple. A bit of retail therapy in Manchester and playing the tourist whilst he was here for the weekend.   



A very busy month ahead. Starting off with the Grasmere Guzzler. A beer festival at Dale Lodge hotel. Friends Hayley and John who were up for the weekend came to join us.  Jake said Hayley is my selfie compatible. Her best side is opposite to mine and our hair colours compliment. Selfie friend for life.  



Selfie compatible

The next day was off to Solihull with Stu and Paula to the Bladder cancer ball. Paula is fighting bladder cancer so a cause close to our heart. We had a brilliant time and nice to get dressed up!    


We did quite a bit of travelling as only a couple of days later we were down to St Albans for Jake’s graduation. Such a lovely day and so incredibly proud of him getting a 1st.    

From St Albans straight to Liverpool to fly to Ibiza. I fell in love with Ibiza when I went for my 40th. Had a brilliant time. Made even better by meeting up with Jess and Sarah who were on the island too. Braved and went to ocean beach, I embraced glitter body paint. Lots of laughs. Ibiza is the one place I feel relaxed.    


Nothing beats an Ibiza sunset


Holidays pass too quickly. On my return, Scott from Brathay wanted to meet me to discuss being their poster girl for the new Brathay half marathon. I was completely humbled by that. So if you fancy a challenge for the new year get entered! https://www.brathay.org.uk/Event/brathay-half-marathon-2016 


So proud to be running as number 1

social butterfly time. Drinks with Jody and Kaz who were up for the weekend. 

Nice to be drinking in the sunshine

Before heading to Hawkshead to stay with Si and Liz. 

Family time before Jake headed back down south to start his career with BA. Afternoon tea at The Belsfield in Bowness. 

Ageing is rubbish and needed to be wearing my glasses more and more. So a trip to specsavers. I must say I quite like the spexy look.   

Friends Cath and Matt were up for the weekend. Would be rude not to meet for beers. The weather was amazing for them which makes a change!   

Good weather meant a long overdue fell fix. My friend Ria was well on the way to completing her wainwrights. So she had Fellbarrow to do and tagged in Low Fell. Was such a gorgeous day and nice to be back in the hills. Stu, Gary and Ray came along too. Of course had to go to the Kirkstile for our walkers reward. 


I went slightly high maintenance. I’ve never worn lots of make up. Quite frankly it scared me and I ended up feeling like I looked like a drag queen. Having had a makeover at Benefit and being completely in love with their products, thought would have a go at the online tutorial. It was so easy to follow, though doing it before I was going for a run probably not the best planning. But I was pleased with my first attempt at the smokey eyes look.   

Last social event of the month was Ruth’s 70th birthday. Dave has known her since he was a baby. She is such a lovely lady and certainly doesn’t look or act like a 70 year old! 


To be continued………

My review of the year – April – July 2015

1 Jan

April was all about preparation for the up coming London marathon.  It was a difficult month as it was this month that I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.  Hard admitting you have a problem and then trying to deal with it.  My last long run was a battle of wills between my head and my body.  But I did it.  I love the London marathon and the atmosphere. It sucks you back. I love the feeling of crossing tower bridge and the wall of cheers which greets you. Plus getting the bling and the sense of achievement. This year was better as with a bit more planning got to see my family and friends more. The poster which Matt and Amanda had made for me to spot them at 30k mark was so funny. I was incredible proud to be part of the Brathay trust team and raised nearly £5000 for them. 

 Though completely exhausted, before heading home managed to visit the National Portrait gallery which has been on my to do list for awhile.   

Afterwards, went to Paternoister chop house for lunch. It’s the restaurant they use in the “first dates” tv programme. I had tweeted them to see if they offered  discount for marathon medal wearers. They said we will look after you and that they did. It was the first celebratory drink I had as couldn’t face one when I had finished running. A great meal and the staff were amazing.    

 At last our framed wainwright finishers certificate was ready. I was glad I took my friends advice and had it done professionally. Love it and has pride of place in my kitchen.   


The start of the month saw a trip to Sussex to stay with Tanya and Paul. Tanya was 8 months pregnant at the time and hoped that Rundle junior wouldn’t make an appearance. A nice relaxing stay and lovely stroll in Ashdown forest, didn’t see Winnie the Pooh though.    

A test of my fear came when i was asked to try out the new indoor via feratta at Kendal climbing wall. It was a testing scary at times experience but I loved it. Well maybe not the caving section where I had a panic attack. Steph our instructor was amazing and calm and coaxed me out. The 20m free fall at the end was a definite leap of fear.    

 A very overdue meet up with Hayley. We had followed each other for ages on Twitter and finally met for lunch. A definite friend for life as hit it off immediately. I was in awe of her selfie skills!   
Keswick mountain festival was here again and this year decided to stay up. It’s a great location for a mountain festival. I did the aerial zip wire which was fun. Also got to finally meet up with Jonny for a beer.


Having seen it lots of times, I finally walked up the Hoad in Ulverston. I had nothing to do in my lunchbreak so thought let’s do it. Maybe doing it in heels was not my brightest idea but it’s do able! 

It was time for my lovely friend Stu to climb his final wainwright Yewbarrow. Was a blowy day and cold considering it was May. A great walk and another member of the 214 club. Though did leave celebratory brownies in the car! 

 A walk round the shores of Kewick ticked another thing off my to visit list. I had often wondered where about the hands sculpture was on the shores of Keswick and this day I found them. They were created to celebrate the centenary of the National trust.   

Having had a photo workshop with Mark earlier in the year, I hadn’t put into practice what I’d learnt. Mark and Irene were up in the lakes so met for a drink and a refresher lesson. I hadn’t forgotten as much as I thought.   

The month ended with an afternoon treat at the Midland hotel in Morecambe. The Midland is an iconic Art Deco hotel which was bought back to life a few years ago. We went with our good friends the Winkleys. A lovely afternoon and the sun shone.    



Started as we meant to go on this month. Not sure my liver was ready. First up was an overdue Carlisle piss up with the Twitteratti. Had a fun afternoon in the pubs and then back to the David’s.    

 The next day Paula and I hit the shops and my love affair with Benefit began. I’m now officially high maintenance after my make over. Nicola was fab and I loved my enhanced look.    

 Perfect having your makeup already done before meeting Hayley and John for dinner.   

My adopted Twitter ma and pa were down on holiday so had a nice dinner and catch up with them.   

Having run the London marathon for Brathay trust, they invited me for lunch and see what happens the money I raised. They do such amazing work and are proud to be involved with them. There was a disadvantaged family there on a break, the look of sheer joy on the little boys face made it all worth while.  

Holidays were here and off to Turkey for 12 days. A relaxing time with friends. What happens on holiday stays on holiday unless you share on social media hehe.    


Straight back from my holiday and was down to London to visit our green coffee supplier to taste some new coffees. The silver lining was I got to meet my brother in law for a late lunch before heading home.    

I was invited to the launch of the Indy coffee book northern edition. Great to meet fellow coffee people and had the best homemade pizza ever.   

A brief trip to Glasgow to see my best friend Lisa and her family. I may be a bad influence on her daughter Holly as regards to selfies! It’s my duty as her surrogate aunt.    

The month ended with a family dinner to wish Jake our youngest Bon voyage as he was off on his travels.    


Next instalment coming soon…..

My review of the year – January to March 2015

30 Dec

End of yet another year, time passes quickly when you’re having fun. 2015 has been quite a year again. Here’s what I’ve been up to. 

Another year up and running and the first weekend, we finished our first round of the Wainwrights. It was a gorgeous day and were overwhelmed by all who turned up to help us celebrate joining the 214 club. The hill was Melbreak. I love how it stands looking down majestically at one of my favourite pubs The Kirkstile inn. A great day in the hills followed by beer in the Kirkstile.    

 Having purchased a proper camera, my friend Mark came up to do a photo workshop with me. It was great learning to use my camera and how to compose shots.  Though the weather was a tad blowy. A great day and if you ever fancy doing one give him a try 


 It was then time to escape the terrible weather for a week in Egypt. A hot date with a sun lounger. It was so nice to feel the sun on my skin. Though I’m pleased Dave didn’t swap me for a camel or 2!    


Back home and time to be brave and join a running club. I joined Helm Hill running club. Though slow, everyone made me feel so welcome and I must go back. The speed sessions definitely make me a better runner!   


More running and was literally getting into my stride. A few niggles but with the help of regular sports massages from The Body rehab were sorted. 

An overdue trip up to Glasgow to see my best friend and family. Holly though 11 1/2 now still gives me lots of cuddles and pray it lasts a bit longer. 


Pennington southern branch came up for half term. They stay at the most amazing holiday home on the shores of Ullswater. Nice to go and gate crash and play tourist. I completely love my nieces and are growing up far too quickly. A fell fix up Birkhouse Moor to Red Tarn. Lots of snow and was nice to be in the hills again.    

 Having completed the Wainwrights, I joined the Wainwright society to get my certificate. A friend said get it framed properly rather than buy a frame. So that’s what I did.   

Work wise was busy and especially as it was the annual lakes hospitality show. A perfect opportunity to showcase our new company branding. Oh and grab a selfie with our local MP Tim.    

 I was very pleased that Trail magazine included our final wainwright pic in their March edition. Fame at last!   

A last minute treat of afternoon tea at the rather wonderful Gilpin Lodge hotel.   



First race this year was The Haweswater Half marathon. I think I had every weather on that run. I was incredibly grateful that my lovely friends Stu and Paula came down to support me. 2:10 was my time which with the state my head was in I was pleased with that.     

More beer and the Hawkshead Spring beer festival. My old school friend Richard came up to stay.    

 A trip to London to see Jake. I love London and just recently we have tried to do a tourist thing. This time it was Kensington place. Such a fabulous place. Was a hard day as was Mother’s Day, I’m very lucky to have my lovely stepsons who prove to me you don’t have to give birth to have a special bond. A nice lunch out and of course cocktails before saying goodbye to Jake and head north.    

Last thing this month was the Easter Bunny ball. A fundraiser organised my friends Andrew and Fiona. Was an amazing evening with lots of laughs and lots of money raised.


To be continued…..


Swede Daulphinoise 

29 Dec

I like to do interesting things with vegetables to make them a bit more interesting. This was super easy to make and was delicious. 


50g can anchovy in oil

2 tbsp of the oil from the anchovies

1 onion, thinly sliced

large sprig thyme, leaves picked

2 large swede

1 tsp dried chilli flakes 

2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed 

300ml pot double cream

3 tbsp fresh breadcrumb

2 tbsp grated Parmesan


Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Drain the anchovies but reserve 2 tbsp of the oil and heat it in a frying pan, then cook the onion for 10 mins until softened. Chop the anchovies and half the thyme, and stir them through the onion.

Peel the swedes, then quarter and slice. In a large bowl, toss the swedes with the onion, two-thirds of the cream, garlic, chilli flakes and some cracked black pepper. Tip the swedes into a baking dish, cover with foil and bake for 30 mins.

Remove the dish from the oven, remove the foil, press down with a fish slice, then drizzle with the rest of the cream. Scatter over the breadcrumbs and Parmesan, then bake for about 1 hr more, until golden and the swedes are tender. Scatter with the remaining thyme.

Roller Disco – another tick of my fabulist 

29 Dec

When I was waiting to go to the loo for the hundredth time when I did the Lancaster half marathon the other week, I spotted a poster advertising a roller disco. 

I had not been to one since I was a teenager, I mentioned it to my friend Tracy and her girls and yes let’s go. 

You can’t not get dressed up, so the obligatory leg warmers and tutu were donned. 

Was great fun and like riding a bike you never forget how to glide. No falling over and lots of giggles. Will definitely be doing this again. 

Another thing ticked off my ever growing fabulist. 



29 Dec

Yet another year draws to an end, 2015 has been yet another busy one and I find myself being more reflective than usual. I sometimes want to press the pause button as time passes so quickly. It has been quite a year and quite a tough one personally. For those who read my blogs, you will have seen my post on dealing with depression.http://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2015/09/09/behind-every-smile/
It has been hard and is an ongoing battle. Counselling has finished and now the tough work begins. It is not easy and what has been nice, is the level of support of strangers saying how my story echoed theirs. So with resolutions in mind how did this years go…. 

Finish the Wainwrights

My 214 journey culminated on the 4th January climbing Melbreak with 22 friends and 3 dogs to complete my first round of the ticklist of hills called the Wainwrights. It was a gorgeous day and Melbreak is now one of my favourite hills. I love how it stands majestically looking down to one of my favourite Lakeland pubs The Kirkstile Inn.

London Marathon

Training for the marathon was tough and extra tough with personal things I was going through. But grit and determination got me through. The London marathon is one of those really special things which I am lucky to have run 3 times now. There is no better feeling than running across Tower Bridge and the noise from the cheers hits you. I ran the marathon for Brathay trust which is a local charity to me. I managed to raise just short of £5000, so a huge thank you to all my sponsors.

Revisit Wainwrights I didn’t get a view on

The weather this year has been shocking. I make no bones about being a fair weather walker, living in the Lake District gives me that luxury.

Walk in the Howgills

Again horrible weather when I had the time to go fell walking. So this is still on the list.

Conquer my fear of water and being out of my depth

This is still ongoing, I was away on holiday when the Great North Swim was on. My physio Sue said she would help me with this one.

Personal – lose weight and try and see myself as others do

I love food that’s why I run. Who wants to shag a washboard anyway? I have lost weight again, still wobbly bits to tone up but wobbly bits are the fun bits! As I said before it has been quite a year personally. It’s been hard to not have as many “Gina” rules as how I should behave. It’s ok not to be perfect and to say I am really not happy about things. Work in progress.

Do things off my fabulist

Managed 1 thing off my list and that was go to a Roller Disco, was brilliant fun. Roller skating is like riding a bike you never forget!

Resolutions for 2016

Running challenges 

Set myself quite a few tasks this year. First is the Grizedale marathon in February, then London marathon in April, the first Brathay half marathon in May culminating in the Lakeland 50 mile trail run in July. I am tired just typing that and start to get a little overwhelmed with the task ahead. But this girl can!!

Conquer my fear of water

Hopefully with the help of friends will get this done this year.

Revisit Favourite Wainwrights/ones I didn’t get a view on

Hopefully the weather will be kinder this year. This will probably not get done until later in the year after I have done the Lakeland 50.

Be kinder to myself

I have a book which I am working my way through called “Show yourself Compassion” As my councillor said it is about re training your brain and this takes time.  Getting it wrong at times is the only way to learn. 

Do more off my Fabulist

So what are your resolutions? Whatever they are have fun and here’s to a fun filled 2016. 

Sausage, butternut squash and kale traybake

11 Nov IMG_7035-0

Super easy to make and delicious. 

Serves 4


1 x pack of chipolata sausages 

1/2 tbsp olive oil 

1 x butternut squash, peeled and chopped into large chunks

1 red chilli, deseeded and finely diced

1 tsp of cumin seeds

1 garlic clove, crushed

1 x 150g pot natural yoghurt

Juice of 1/2 lemon 

1 x 200g pack of kale 


Preheat oven to 200°, fan 180°, gas mark 6. Put the sausages, squash, cumin, chilli and oil into a large roasting dish. Toss well and roast for 40 minutes, turning halfway through. 

Meanwhile, stir the yoghurt with the garlic, lemon juice and pinch of salt. Put the kale into a colander in the sink and pour a kettle of boiling water over it. Drain.

After the 40 minutes, add the kale to the tin, toss and return to the oven for 5 minutes. 

Serve with the yoghurt drizzled over.  



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