A few more Western Fells ticked off

19 Oct

I make no pretence of not being a fair weather walker. Been there and got the soggy t-shirt. So with an opportunity with the weather and time decided to do some of the western fells. Poor Stuart couldn’t make it as his work van had broken down and was running very late. So it was Ray, the beast and Gary who came to join us. Ray had only landed back from Holiday that morning so was in need of a fell fix.

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My new fabulist

19 Oct

I was very lucky last Monday to do the final thing on my 40 at 40 list. Doing my list has been amazing, new experiences and challenges conquered. But whilst doing them, it got me thinking to other things that didn’t make it onto my list. Noting them down as they came into my mind or peoples suggestions. Continue reading

New recipe – Pork and Chorizo enchiladas

19 Oct

This was so yummy and very simple to make. Love recipes where you can save half the recipe for a freezer treat another day. Continue reading

Ibiza – the pull of the white Isle

19 Oct

I broke my Ibiza virginity last year after going there for my 40th. I had put seeing the sunset from Cafe mambo and do an all nighter on my 40 at 40 list. I completely fell in love with the island. It’s a place that draws you back.

When you mention you are going to Ibiza, people instantly say “you going clubbing?” The party area is a small area of this beautiful island. I naively thought that Ibiza was called the “white Isle” due to drugs and not the white painted buildings!!

Last year I stayed at Santa Eulalia which was a lovely town to stay but was quite a trek over to San Antonio. So this time I stayed in San Antonio bay with a short water taxi ride over to the party zone.

I love Cafe Mambo and went 3 times this holiday. It’s great people watching and got to see some top DJs and DJ in the mambo booth.









Even got grabbed for a dance, still got the moves!

We did a near all nighter when we went to Pacha to see David Guetta. He didn’t come on till 3am. Not too old to party just takes a few days to recover. In future think will book to go to Mambo as most of the DJs do there pre party there. Plus it’s finished by midnight far more sensible!



Whilst on holiday, I love just lying on my sun lounger absorbing myself in my kindle, reading trashy magazines or planning my next adventure.


I do however drag myself off my lounger to go and explore the island. One of my favourite places is Portinax, it’s a beautiful bay and in the cove there is a fantastic restaurant. The best paella washed down with champagne sangria.




The island is so beautiful and full of aqua blue coves.




Ibiza old town is definitely worth a visit. Walking up the countless steps to the top of the castle was the most exercise I had done in a few days!! So worth it for the views.




After all that exercise got to have refreshments!


This holiday I managed to complete 2 things off my new fabulist! First, was ride a bucking bronco. It was a bargain at €1 a go!!



Second, was to go parasailing. Time to face my fear of being over open water and heights. It was amazing and I really enjoyed it.





I’ve just fallen in love with Ibiza so don’t be put off by it being “the party island” if you get the chance go :)

Saving the best till last – my 40 at 40 list completed

19 Oct IMG_7180.JPG

When I first started thinking about my things to put on my 40 at 40 list, flying in a helicopter was high up on it. To see hills I’ve climbed from a birds eye view was a must.

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Pimped up brownies

9 Oct IMG_6848.JPG

These were inspired after being asked to be involved with the 21st Kendal beer festival. I was paired up with Brian from the Watermill at Ings to pair beer with food including my day job coffee. So shitzufaced beer, espresso brownies were born. Judging by the ooohs and aaahs it went down well when paired with shots of shitzufaced beer. Perfect combo Continue reading

The final Southern Fells

30 Sep IMG_6684-0.JPG

After last weeks walk, it left me 3 fells in the Southern wainwright fell book to complete. I had mentioned this to Gary on the last walk and he was up for it, Andy had text to say he may come for a play in the lakes and brownies had sealed the deal! Derick who is just starting his wainwright adventure came along as did lakes walking legends Ray and David.

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Tandoori salmon with spiced lentils and raita

26 Sep IMG_6623.JPG

This really inspired me, delicious fresh flavours. A little prep but nothing too strenuous for a delicious dinner. I halved the recipe. Continue reading

Bonus hill time

25 Sep IMG_6511-0.JPG

A slight mix up in flight times back from Ibiza meant we had a free day. So from my sun lounger I was planning a route! Yes I know I’m slightly obsessed. I decided we were going to do a final few in the Langdale area. The Langdales are my favourite part of the lakes. A text around and Gary said I’m up for that. So we met at 8.30 in the National Trust car park at Old Dungeon Ghyll. Continue reading

Parasailing – a thing off my new fabulist

25 Sep IMG_6148-0.JPG

I’ve always seen this being done whilst on various holidays. I put it on my list to conquer my fear of extreme heights and my fear of open water. So whilst in Ibiza a couple of weeks ago decided yes let’s do this! Continue reading


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