A Far Eastern adventure

31 Jul

Shouldn’t complain about the lovely spell of hot weather but us British do! This walk had been planned for the day before but was just energy sapping too hot so sacked off walking for pub and catch up with friends. Continue reading

Plan B

31 Jul 20140731-191253-69173253.jpg

Let the obsession continue……When we were out with Paul and Sian on the 10 in 10, he mentioned that our mutual friends Paul and Karen were coming to the lakes to walk and go to the famous Staveley Beer hall summer beer festival. So we gate crashed and had the day off work and joined them. I did make the request to do the Kentmere horseshoe as the Far Eastern fells were next on the list. The weather was not looking favourable at the start of the week but by Thursday was only a slight chance of a shower so decided to go for it. Continue reading

The final central fells

30 Jul 20140730-212515-77115857.jpg

After the previous weeks bagging that just left 3 summits to complete the Wainwright central fells book. To say I’m obsessed is maybe an understatement. The weather forecast was mixed with the threat of a shower. As they say ” no such thing as bad weather just the wrong kit”. Tanya and Ray came along to walk with us. Continue reading

A central fells adventure

22 Jul 20140730-193541-70541213.jpg

The weather in the Lake District is very variable. With a favourable forecast sunshine and showers. We decided to tick off a few of the central fells on my Wainwright obsession. Having looked at the map thought could do a 2 car linear walk to get them all! But being a tad more realistic decided to do Eagle and Sergeant Crag, Ullscarf and High Crag.

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After work walk bimble up Lingmoor

8 Jul 20140708-081109-29469248.jpg

With an ok forecast, decided to have an after work walk to do Lingmoor. This was missed as when I’d planned to do it previously, I fell mid walk and damaged my knee. I’m still not sure how I mustered the power to get myself off the hill as the pain was awful.

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An Eskdale medley

7 Jul 20140707-213259-77579410.jpg

So on the way home from the Strands in Wasdale, there were 3 more Wainwrights in mind to do on the way home. Fuelled up with a hearty breakfast off we set to drive to the summit of Hardnott pass.

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A Wastwater tour

7 Jul 20140707-205558-75358683.jpg

It was going to be a long time to go from January to September without any time off work. So decided to take a long weekend and book a mid week break to Wasdale at the end of June.
Having seen lots of pictures of the Strands posted on twitter, thought this would be the perfect place to stay. Mark and Lesley who own the pub had recently become a customer of mine. Continue reading

The Liebster Award – Pay it forward

3 Jul


I would like to thank Tookie Bunten for nominating me. I feel very honoured as I’m relatively new at this blogging lark. I had never heard about this till I got a tweet with the link to his blog.


So I guess I’d better get on and answer Tookie’s questions.

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A stretch up Dow Crag

1 Jul

After the big 10 in 10 walk the day before, woke up feeling not too bad. Sacking off camping in favour of my comfy bed probably helped!
So I said to Dave should we go for a walk as was such a gorgeous day. So with a check on Wainwrights to do list decided to do Dow crag. Another one that was missed as was not in full bagger mode, when we climbed the Old Man of Coniston.

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10 in 10 challenge

30 Jun

Things always seem a good idea at the time don’t they?!! Back in January, Phil from Social hiking put out a tweet asking if anyone fancied doing a 10 in10 challenge. 10 wainwrights in 10 hours. So me and a few others thought this was a good idea and soon team Social Hiking of about 22 was born.

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