Marathon Girl 

15 Apr IMG_0575

I feel as if I’ve neglected my blog over the last few weeks, I’m sorry  I’ve been busy marathon training and I haven’t felt I’ve done anything to warrant a blog post. 

I like the disapline of training for a marathon. It gives me the extra drive to go out in all weathers, which I have been! If marathon day is pissing down and into a head wind I have that nailed! 

If marathon training was easy everyone would do it. It’s hard when you get mid way in the training plan. You’re tired and in my case my inner chimp makes me doubt my running ability. I’ve had some really tough runs when my head has messed with my running. On one particular run, after 1.5 miles my body was paralysed with fear that I was ridiculous for thinking I could do this. I rang my husband Dave sobbing to come and get me. After that he gave me some tough love and said he was not going to pick me up unless I’ve had an accident. Perfect motivation. 

Having good mental health is just as important as your body being healthy. Sue from The Body rehab where I go for sports massage (aka torture she has elbows of steel)  and physio, she reiliterated this. She suggested listening to an audio book to take my mind off thinking. It works. 

Luckily I have managed to get several long runs in and after a 20+ mile run 2 weeks ago, I feel ready and a little excited about running London marathon again. 

This time on my training plan I have discovered ice baths. For me it has helped my muscles recover though getting ice cubes in places I shouldn’t was an eye opener!!

So on April 26th 2015, I will be running my 3rd London marathon. Wonder Woman will be dusted down to be let loose on the streets of London. I haven’t got a time in mind, I just want to enjoy it. I am running the marathon for Brathay Trust, a charity for under privileged children in Brathay just outside Ambleside. So if you have a spare quid or 2 please sponsor me. 

Check out my JustGiving Page for Brathay Trust. Help me raise more!

My marathon audio blog

So bring on the taper and the carb loading :) 

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