Finally getting going with this blog

Hi there

New to this blog stuff but after my Twitter hubbie Adam has bought me smilfcooks domain name, it is only right that I get on and do some blogging!!

Last weekend had some friends round for dinner, the said friends are veggie and this always inspires me to create something really tasty.

So for starters we had Slow roasted peppers, filled with cherry tomatoes, garlic, rosemary and anchovies for the non veggies!  For main course had Thai root vegetable curry with Jasmine scented rice.  Recipes will be available to view shortly.  They seem to like it, as Martin had 3 platefuls of the casserole!

My aim is to try a new recipe a week and will share with you and maybe we could all make the recipe on the same night?

Gina aka Smilfcooks





  1. LakesAdam says:

    Keep it up! Look forward to reading your posts.

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