Travelling Coffee Girl Valentines Day

Well today my travels took me to the lovely Langdales, the view when you get to the cattle grid and have that amazing view of the Langdale Pikes gets me everytime.

Saw lots of my lovely customers, had great sing along in the car. Todays tunes were The Killers, Jessie J and Kelly Clarkson.  Think my air drumming scared some people as I’m sure to passing drivers it looked as if I was just shaking my fists at them.

Called into the Miller Howe Hotel on the way back, another gorgeous view of Lake Windermere.

I am very lucky in my job to visit some lovely places and it changes everyday.  It does annoy me when Crag Rats look at you as if you’re a freak as in heels and a dress.  Do people not realise that the folk of the Lake District have to work too.

Came back to the office and their was a Shortbread heart on my desk, I wonder who it was from??  Secret admirer?

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