Travelling coffee girl week of March 26th

Well summer had arrived in the lakes, pasty legs and Birkenstocks were out! What a week of unbelievable weather we had, the lakes were buzzing and tills ringing throughout the County.
This week had a busy week travelling round the lakes, Monday was a catch up day in the office but then on Tuesday was early start, Ullswater steamers for coffee training. First thing was still cold and shivering 3 degrees but it wasn’t long before it was a dizzy 24 degrees. Ullswater is possibly my favourite lake it’s a lot quieter than its counterparts and has more dramatic scenery. The guys at the steamers are so nice and wasn’t long before I had turned them into cappuccino gods/goddess’. It was then onto see the rest of my customers down the lake and a few in Penrith before heading back to the office.
Wednesday saw me heading to Far Sawrey first thing, machine installed at Tower Bank arms which would be heading down to their new venture at Wray Castle. Esthwaite water was looking calm with the sun shining down on it. Again so lucky living and working in such a beautiful area :). Quick drive over the hill to call in and see the nice people at Blue Bird cafe to check how their new machine was going. The new cafe is such a stunning building and the glass construction allows a perfect panoramic view of Coniston. I have still to go on the gondola on coniston, it is a piece of beautiful engineering and glides silently through the water.
Then last call was Holbeck Ghyll, come rain or shine it does have a spectacular view, new coffee blend tasting time. New coffee decided on then time to head back!
Thursday, weather was still good, this was a record! Today was heading down to Ulverston and Newby Bridge. Ulverston is a typical market town and today was market day which made parking a nightmare. Whilst I was here, met up with Steph who we have tweeted each other for awhile so was nice to put a face to a tweet. She and a group from Ulverston are doing Lands End to John O Groats for charity. Good luck with that!
Aaah Friday had arrived, weather not so good first thing :(. Quick trip down to Kirkby Lonsdale and then back to give a tour round Farrers for 2 fellow tweeters.

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