Travelling coffee girl week of 30th April

Well another busy week in Farrers world, we are lucky that the Lakes seems to be in its own financial bubble and the credit hadn’t affected us much.

A mixed bag of weather this week, was down on the docks in Barrow on Wednesday and could not stand up as I got out the car. In complete contrast Thursday was simply a stunning day as most of the pictures show.
Thursday was an early start to get to Keswick to do some barista training, it’s always nice teaching people that want to learn and interested! Makes my job so much easier 🙂
I have said it before but the road up to Keswick is my favourite road to drive on through the lakes. It was a very busy and productive day cramming in seeing lots of customers and acquiring a couple of new ones too. Last appointment was seeing Rik at The Glen Rothay, his request for my presence came via a tweet! It was about 5.40, a lovely warm sunny evening and Rik said coffee, I said I would kill for a beer. So a half of one of my favourites Hawkshead Windermere pale went down a treat. It’s great doing business over a pint in the sunshine!
Friday hurray, Hawkshead was my destination, great seeing everyone, I do love the view from The Duck, stunning.

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    Stunning picture

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