Travelling coffee girl week of 23rd April

Well after being tied to the office covering colleagues holiday, it was escape time and visit cutomers and acquire new ones.

It’s not often I visit but went over to Dalegarth station in the heart of Eskdale, as I set off early the road was pretty quiet but it is a long way from Kendal!  I came back over Hardnott as had appointments in Ambleside and was certainly a more direct route!  As I approached Hardnott the road was empty so was playtime, it was only when I got to Wrynose pass that i encountered people and especially those who A – cant reverse B – drive pass a passing place and a mixture of A+B – people who do both and dont even acknowlege you being couteous grrr.

When I arrived in the Langdales, Andy from The Brit said “you should have taken this” hands keys for Subaru.  I couldnt so he took me for a very fast spin down the valley. A very exhilarating 4 mins I can say, they are an awesome bit of kit.  I was grinning from ear to ear.

The lakes were looking as lovely as ever.  I just love the view as you go over the cattle grid when heading into Langdale.  One of my favourite views 🙂


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