Blencathra Sharp Edge

Isn’t Twitter brilliant!!  After lots of tweets between like minded walker types, it was decided we would sort a Tweet up scale a mountain meet.  Ray sorted the route and as apparently I like tweeting, I sent out an invitation to the masses.
On the promise of my home baked brownies the following suspects turned up @rgreenhow aka Ray, @northlakesuk aka Gary, @goldenorfephoto aka Phil, @andylukeuk aka Andy, @vertigo_alan aka Alan, @kendalskintcake aka Dave and Ray’s brother Terry.

So it was decided that we meet at the telephone box in Mungrisedale village at 8 am.  It was lovely putting faces to names, once we had all introduced ourselves we were off.  Unfortunately the weather was not kind to us and soon the drizzle came.  I had warned everyone what effect this would have on my straightened hair!

First we steadily climbed up Bannerdale Crag up the steps to Scales Tarn, brief stop here for team photo, then it was off to conquer Sharp Edge.  I had done this before but was a gorgeous spring day in the sun and about 15 years ago.  Today the cloud had come down, was blowing a gale and was drizzly.

The first bit was ok and managed it fine, stopped for a drink and managed to drop my water bottle, tried to grab it but it plummetted to its death.  My twitter husband @lakesadam was not happy as he gave it to me!!  The next bit scared me to death, Andy was in front of me and guided me over, the worse bit was trying to get over a pinnacle ridge, but I did then it was onto a steep gully climb up the rock face to the top.  Even though it was steep and still there was a severe drop below, it felt easier somehow.  Ray was my guide up this bit, I was so grateful for this!!  Think they were more worried about the chocolate brownie that I was carrying!

After the first bit, Alan and Gary decided to go round and meet us at the top.  Once we had all re grouped we got off the top as it was blowing a gale and were in desperate need of food. A sheltered horseshoe cairn was found and we settled down to recover from our climb.  Chocolate brownie handed out and i think it was liked as there was silence.

We then headed across Mungrisedale Common over to Bowscale Crag.  The weather had lifted by now and were rewarded with a stunning view.  By this time to say I had crazy hair was an understatement!!  Luckily I had a hat!! From Bowscale, we descended down the steep descent down Ravens Crags back to the car and more importantly the pub for walkers reward.

Pub of choice was the Mill Inn and despite being a Robinsons pub, the beer was good and well received.  We decided that should definitely do a walk again, so we are on the 8th July.  Alan suggested Great Gable so that’s our next challenge.  Hoping that the weather will be more as it should be for the time of year.


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