Helm Crag Sunday 27th May

Back from my holidays and paying for an extra suitcase to bring sunshine back to blighty certainly worked.  The weather has been amazing and perfect for preserving my tan.

After a busy week back at work, it was nice to be heading back out on my beloved hills.  This week was Helm Crag.  I had not been up for about 12 years and all I could remember was the long boring drag of a walk up.

After trying to find somewhere to park that did not bankrupt me, bumped into a customer who gave directions for free parking!!  Paying for parking is against my religion!!  As you head up the Easedale Road, turn as if you are going to Lancrigg Hotel and there is a wooded car park on the left.  But sssh don’t tell anyone its our secret ok!!

Boots on and off up the hills, it was a short sharp accent up to the Howitzer.  I much prefer doing a walk this way as you are rewarded with a view quickly and all the hard work is done and out the way.  It was a stunning day and setting off at 8.30am avoided the crowds.  Only saw 2 people on the top and that was it, till was nearly at the bottom.  A light breeze was much needed on the tops!  As you can see I was wearing my anti wicking boob tube!!  I know…but a girl does not want strap marks!!  Other essentials in my walking are mascara and lip gloss!

Once on the top and climbed the Howitzer, then carried along the ridge taking in Gibsons Knott, Calf Crag and Steel Fell.  I feel so lucky living in the lakes and having this on my doorstep.

Back to the car and then to the Grasmere Garden Centre for a delicious lunch. Whilst at the Garden centre had a play with the scrabble mugs!!  The sun was so hot, that went to Dale Lodge to sit in the garden and have a drink.  Unfortunately the only beer I had was of the Ginger variety as was on antibiotics 😦


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