The final list – Ginas big 40 at 40

So here it is my to do list, as it’s my birthday in a few weeks will start ticking things off then! It’s the 10th July by the way!!

  1. Busk with my friend Terry in Kendal town centre, make enough money to buy our lunch
  2. Indoor Skydive
  3. Go snowboarding
  4. Learn to do a handbrake turn
  5. Abseil
  6. Go round the TT course on the back of a bike
  7. Drive a super car
  8. Climb Mount Snowdon
  9. Do the Yorkshire 3 peaks
  10. Go to a climbing wall
  11. Dine at La Gavaroche
  12. Have “Special” brownies
  13. Pose nude for an Art Class
  14. Go in a Helicopter over the lovely lakes
  15. Try a very expensive bottle of wine
  16. Wild camp and see dawn from the top of a fell
  17. Do an all nighter in Ibiza, being at Cafe Mambo for sunset
  18. Complete London in a sub 4 hours
  19. Do the Keswick to Barrow walk
  20. Drive a steamer boat
  21. Learn to Pole dance
  22. Learn to Belly dance
  23. Have a Hollywood wax
  24. Do a festival and camp AGAIN!!
  25. Eurostar to Paris
  26. Orient Espress (a girl can dream)
  27. Have a glider flight
  28. Afternoon tea at The Savoy
  29. Learn the Trapeze
  30. Drive a tank
  31. Learn archery
  32. Learn to knife throw – its on my bio do thought better learn how to!
  33. Enter a cake competition – thanks to Briery Wood doing this in September!!
  34. Skinny dip – prob more of a paddle as have fear of being out of my depth in water
  35. Clay pigeon shoot
  36. Do the Via Ferrata
  37. Make a pot on a potters wheel – Ghost fantasy
  38. Have a food fight
  39. Photocopy boobs
  40. Go on a very long zip wire

So there you have it, if anyone wants to join me in completing any of these or can help out with any please get in touch!
Gina G xx

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