Cross Bay walk July 15th 2012

The Cross Bay walk was one of those things I have always fancied doing.  It was for a good cause (Bay search and rescue).  Decided to park at Kents Bank, Grange and get the train round to Arnside to start the walk.  Result on the train, conductor didn’t get to us so didn’t have to pay for the ticket!!

There was about 400 people doing the walk, the walk itself was a bit boring to be honest.  It was fun wading through the channel which was waist dip.  Well it was on me being a shorty!!

The weather was very kind to us and as we looked up to the lakes, it was raining.

It was hard work for the last bit walking through the salt grasses and jumping across the channels. Walk took about 4 hours and was about 12 miles.  The length of walk changes depending on the tides.

Shoes went in the bin after the walk!!


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