Striding Edge July 20th 2012

Having a day off when everyone else is at work is twice as nice.  A Friday off but this was really our Jubilee bank holiday as we were working.  Good news is was a much nicer day than the bank holiday!

So a classic walk, not been up Hellvelyn for about 12 years.  It was a nice day but as we set off it did start to spit with rain and my hair got worried for a moment!!

Managed to bag some free parking on the way up to the Travellers Rest Pub, you know me and paying for parking.  Set off up the hill towards Rattlebeck Bridge, as we ascended the only people we saw were a group descending after doing the D of E.  I love having the hills to myself.

Onwards to Little Cove, to Hole in the wall and then it was to tackle the mighty Striding edge.  I was brave and scrambled over the edge no wimping out for me!  Once over the edge it was still a fair scramble to get to the summit.  Whilst on the top, one side had clear views and could see Scotland in comparison to the west side couldn’t see a thing.  A quick pit stop to re fuel and headed down Swirral Edge.  Decided to come past Red Tarn Beck towards the mines.

Decent down the hill back towards the village and the car.  Waited patiently for beer reward, as decided to go to the Watermill at Ings to try out the new brew Windermere Blonde!  Pleased to say it was lush!


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