Completing No36 off my 40 at 40 to do list – Via Feratta Extreme

So I have my to do list and as much as I don’t like it I am officially in my 40th year.  So the first one to do was the Via Feratta Extreme at Honister Slate mine.  I put out a twitter alert and asked friends but lots said “no way you’ll getting me up there” or holidays, illness etc. prevented some on coming on my little adventure.  So the band of 8 of us met at Honister for our scary adventure.

It was nice putting faces to people I tweet with, even though Barry was not there :(, the previous group were not back so had a quick coffee and very yummy Mars bar cake.  We signed our disclaimers and we were off to get harnessed up.  We had to wear very attractive hat nets under our helmets, we did have a giggle about this.  The Honister bus was here to take us up to the start.  Our instructor was the lovely Adam, his first words were “if you are not clipped on, you will most certainly die!”  We all exchanged worried looks and double checked our carribiners!!

As I was the lead of the group I had to go first eek, the first bit is the worse, after checking and checking again that I was in fact clipped on and was going nowhere, off I went.  The start is climbing down a ladder backwards many 100’s of feet from the road below.  There was a very big drop at the end and my little legs struggled and I got the “Elvis Leg”.  Once into the stride of things started to enjoy it.

My favourite bit was when we crossed the Bull Gill, was worried about doing the overhang but was passed it and then asked Adam where was the overhang and he said you have passed it!!  Definitely was into the swing of things.

The worse bit was the rope bridge, Adam wobbled it on purpose.  There is video evidence taken by Nick of me squealing and swearing just a little!!!  Sharon who has a fear of bridges looked ashen at the thought of crossing it but she succeeded even though she did have her eyes closed for most of it.  Well done you.

From there it was a scramble and up and down a few ladders to the cargo net.  Once up the cargo net it was a short walk to the summit and amazing views.  Usually have to walk down to the bus but we were very lucky and Michelle came up in the Honister land rover to collect us.

It took about 3 hours, but what an experience, you soon forget about the scary moments and on the way down were exchanges our best and worse bits.

My legs and arms today are aching today and  I have a lovely collections of bruises but it was all worth it. 🙂

So a huge thank you to my friends who came to share the experience, Adam for being a fab instructor, we have forgiven you for wobbling the bridge and of course Honister for being Honister.  I hope you get that zip wire soon!!

Thank you….

Only another 39 to go….watch this space

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