Completing No 2 off my 40 at 40 list – Indoor skydive

So what are the chances that a Bank holiday Monday will be bad weather?!! The forecast was not good and was definitely not a fell walking day so decided to tackle another thing on my 40 at 40 list.

So indoor skydiving it was…The nearest place was at Manchester, next to Chill factor and the Trafford Centre.  So our “flight” was booked for 11.30 and had to arrive an hour before to do training and sign safety forms.

After we had watched the safety video, it was off to get kitted out with boilersuits, googles and helmets.  The video made it look alot easier than it really was.  Everything about the positioning of arms and legs seem to vanish from my mind when I was in the wind tunnel and the slightest wrong movement set you off balance.  But once you had got it mastered OMG it was such fun and have never smiled so much.  Within the price £43.00 you get 2 x 1 min flights.  The minute seems to last a lifetime.  For an additional £5 an instructor will take you all the way to the top (10 metres) this was better than any white knuckle ride.

I will definitely have another go at this in the future, it was down to reception to get my souvenir photo and then off to the Trafford Centre for lunch and some retail therapy!

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