Twitteratti walk – Hayeswater round August 26th

So this was the third of the Twitter walks and it was a record turn out of 15!  I had made industrial proportions of Chocolate brownie and Alan and Gary bought lots of custard!
Newbies to the group were Paul and his wife Sian, Jim and his friend Dave and my Twitter Hubbie Adam.  We arrived early in the small village of Hartsop and soon the rest of the group arrived.  I’m sure they were some shocked walkers when they arrived to find we had taken over the small carpark!

After the initial introductions and a group photo we set off heading towards Hayeswater.  As with any big group in soon starts to splinter out.  I had promised to wave my magic weather wand but alas it didn’t work as most of the day was in mist and a little drizzle at times.

We arrived at Hayeswater reservoir and had a view stop.  From there is was up the grassy ascent to our first hill and Wainwright The Knott, in the distance we saw a group of deers.  They were probably wondering who this group was disturbing there peace and quiet.  From the Knott, we could see Hayeswater through the clearing mist.

From here it was onto Rampsgill Head, the only thing was we were all following each other that didn’t know if we were on the top.  So with 3 GPS all pulled out it was the opinion that we were on the summit!  I really should learn how to actually read a map and use a compass!  I just trust that who I’m with knows where they are going….

From here it was a short walk to High Raise, Kidsty Pike and then onto the summit of High Street.  The ground was so boggy and it was nice being on fells never discovered before.

The top of High Street was our lunch stop, but more importantly Brownie time.  On our first trip out, Alan and Gary joked that the perfect partner to my brownies would be hot custard!  The boys didn’t let me down and 2 flasks of piping hot were produced along with plastic bowls and spoons.  I think its a first this happening on the top of a fell!  Once it had been devoured it was on with the walk.  Tanya headed back as had another walking date.

We headed down to Thornthwaite Crag where the beacon is and then it was a steady descent down to Thresthwaite mouth, then down the valley of Thresthwaite Cove back to car park.

Walk was about 10 miles, it was now time for some of Sian’s delicious flapjack and then it was off to the pub for our “Walker’s reward”.  Pub was The Brotherswater Inn, Beer was Barngates Tag, perfect end to a good day out on the hills.

Quick diary check and next walk is Haystacks on the 16th September…..

Better get baking 🙂

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  1. LakesAdam says:

    Fantastic walk with lovely folk!

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