Completing number 39 off my 40 at 40 list – photocopy boobs

This ended up on the list as a bit of fun, pretty much along with alot of other things on my list. If you saw the photocopier in our office, I would have done myself an injury trying to photocopy any body parts on it.
So having just done number 23 off my list ouch! Sam (my beauty therapist)asked what else was on my list which we could do. I said “well there is photocopy my boobs!” She said come on let’s see if the photocopier is on.
We were in luck,it was, luckily I had an easy access dress on. Photocopying oneself is not as easy as I thought!!
First attempt boobs were in the wrong place and just got my face, but second attempt was successful!!
So thank you Sam for your assistance in holding the lid, pressing the copy
Button and keeping watch!
We certainly did have a giggle with both number 23 and 39 🙂

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  1. alangent says:

    What, and no photo to celebrate? 😋

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