Completing number 34 off my 40 at 40 list – Skinny Dip

So I thought it would be a bit warmer to skinny dip in the warm sea on holiday in Turkey than the cold Lakeland waters. I do have the fantasy of doing it off a boat jumping into the sea but have a fear of being out of my depth in water.

My first experiences of swimming was not good, I was 7 and went swimming with school for the first time, this ended with me sinking and having to be fished out 😦
Then at secondary school when it was swimming time in PE, if you couldn’t swim you were left in the shallow end with floats to your own devices. A teacher did make me go down the slide into 10ft of water and despite my pleas as I couldn’t swim, said EVERYONE is to go down the slide. So gripped with fear I did and ended up nearly drowning again being rescued. So when I was in my late twenties as a new years resolution decided to learn to swim.  The leisure centre did a course for the absolutely terrified with the promise after 10weeks would be able to complete a width of the pool.  The first lesson I felt a bit silly with 2 sets of armbands on and several floats but on week 3 was down to a float.  The feeling when I managed to swim un aided was amazing!

So I like swimming now and have swum a mile but still have a fear of being out of my depth.

It was very liberating skinny dipping, the young turkish boy who caught me trying to put my bikini back on gave me the thumbs up 😉 still got it at nearly 40!
Maybe might brave it again in one of our lovely lakes 🙂

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