Completing number 22 on my 40 at 40 list – Learn to Belly Dance

So where better to do Belly dancing than in Turkey. Adam and Terry said we know the perfect place to do this at a nearby restaurant called Conny’s.
Every Wednesday night they have belly dancing on, so we called in to book and were told no dancing that evening it was Saturday :(. We explained my 40 things list and she said we could pay for a dancer to come to the restaurant and carry out my wish. So armed with my recently purchased outfit headed to the restaurant for dinner before my big performance.
Having a 3 course dinner before donning a skimpy belly dancing outfit is not the most flattering for my tum. But do you know what, I’m not a skinny minny I have wobbly bits and most men don’t want to shag a washboard. Curves rule!
What I hadn’t realised was that Conny had been telling everyone about me and my list and when we came down to the bar area there was a crowd of 30 people ready to watch me. I went off to meet the dancer and his wife helped me dress and gave me a few steps and then after a Dutch courage shot was off to perform.
It was such fun and any nerves soon disappeared as you will see on the video, I even made 50 lira as people came up and started placing money on me!! So another one ticked off….

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  1. Pmsl!!! You’ve got some guts girl. Very funny. And brave. And you look amazing. Well done. Xx

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