Completing No 21 off my 40 at 40 list – Learn to Pole Dance

So I have now had my Pole dancing virginity taken away from me!!

Always fancied having a go at Pole dancing and learning the tricks and moves, rather than my failed attempts in nightclubs after one too many Gin and tonics.

The dance studio in Staveley offers a full range of Pole fitness and more importantly beginners lessons.  After posting a comment on Facebook, Amy, an ex Saturday girl at my previous job messaged me and said she had always wanted to do it.  So I said come along with me and she did.

So we entered the studio not quite knowing what to expect.  After a warm up, it was time to familiarize ourselves with the pole.  Lisa the teacher is fantastic, she broke the moves down into easy segments and soon we had a routine that we were practicing.  It was such a giggle and was very impressed learnt some “tricks”.

I would definitely recommend Pole Dancing, it great for flexibility, core strength and more importantly it a good laugh.  It’s my new hobby now, just need some hot pants for next week.  The more flesh, the easier to grip the pole allegedly.



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