Number 18 on my 40 at 40 list – The London Marathon

So I’m doing the London marathon again! 10 years since my very first one. Apparently at nearly 40 I’m coming into my prime.

I first started running in 1997, my now ex husband made me allergic to cycling. This was done over a few years of constantly being left behind, getting to gates and him saying “you ok?” And then speeding off. So I sold my beloved Cannondale and thought ok what can I do to keep fit.

Wonder-Woman doing the London Marathon
Wonder-Woman doing the London Marathon

My friends mum said have you thought about running, so I invested in some running shoes and off I went, I really enjoyed it and soon was going out 2/3 times a week. In 1997, my brother was diagnosed with Leukaemia that ravaged him and needed a life saving bone marrow transplant. Luckily 15 years on he is still cancer free and in good health apart from a recent blip. So I wasn’t a match for him but I wanted to do something to fund raise for the Anthony Nolan trust, so decided on doing The Great North Run. It was an amazing experience, nothing quite beats the “oggy oggy oggy” as you’re going under the Tyne bridge.

It was only in 2002 with 30 approaching that I decided to run my first marathon. Some people I’d met in my previous job had dared me to run and marathon. Never one to turn a dare down said “I’ll do it and complete it as Wonder Woman” so I did. Training for a marathon is bloody hard and doing it for a second time, I feel as if I learnt from my previous training mistakes. I didn’t do long enough runs or enough speed work. I was and am very proud of myself for completing my first marathon in 4 hours 15. But this time I have set myself the goal of doing it in under 4 hours! Hopefully with better training this time I can get my goal.

I love putting my trainers on, headphones in and setting off on my run. Nothing beats the feeling of getting back and feeling the blood rushing round your body.

I didn’t get a ballot place for the marathon but was very lucky to get a charity place with The Anthony Nolan trust and have £1800 to raise. If you can support me and their fantastic work, please visit my just giving page or you can text GPSC69 to 70070 to donate just £2.

Oh and Wonder Woman will be coming out to play again!

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