Twitteratti walk up Carrock Fell

So we were having an additional walk this month, I’d heard various people talk about Carrock Fell so this was what we were going to do. Met at the base of the fell and the weather was amazing. As there was only me, Dave, Ray and Gary we decided on a linear walk. Gary and Ray headed off to park the car at Wolfram mine our finish, upon their return it was to attack the steep ascent of Carrock fell.

After the previous weekends Yorkshire 3 peaks walk my legs had forgotten how to function on a hill. I found it tough and made worse when I fell backwards off a rock using my hand as a brake. More worrying though it was my right hand I hurt which is used for tweeting! God it hurt and started to swell up but I’m a brave soldier and carried on. We were soon on the summit, the views were amazing and was such a clear day, you could for miles. It was so warm too, quite a surprise for an autumnal day. We carried onto High Pike, it was very boggy under foot and this was to continue for the rest of the walk. On High Pike again the views were stunning and were still in amazement of the weather as the theme of previous walks have been mist!

On the top of High Pike we had an encounter with a fellow walker, a very outspoken Yorkshire man who seemed to want to walk with us!! We all looked at each other and said well must get on. Spent the rest of the walk looking over our shoulders, praying he wouldn’t catch us up! Luckily he didn’t. We had a stop at the Lingy Bothy, I made an entry into the log book, I could probably stay in a bothy I’m thinking it would be better than camping??

From here we headed to The Knott then onto Great Calva. Then the descent back down to the car, it was quite a steep boggy descent. Ray had just said now be careful, it could be slippery then proceeded to fall over. I was just grateful it wasn’t clumsy me that did it again!

Soon the car was insight and I was grateful that it was parked close, a fab 11 mile walk.

It was then off to the pub for our walkers reward and say our goodbyes.


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