Completing number 37 off my 40 at 40 list – make a pot

Disappointed that a chesty cough had put paid to me competing in the Lancaster half marathon and didn’t feel well enough to do fell walking.  Thought lets do something off my list.


Having previously Google’d where to make pots, found a place in Penrith that looked good.  So decided lets go make a pot!!

So arrived at Crafty Monkeys in Penrith, having tweeted knew that “Tim” would be in on Sunday so introduced myself.  What a lovely friendly funny man he is, oh and is very patient!!


So we grabbed an apron and Tim said you will get dirty and you will have fun!  My previous encounters with clay were probably at secondary school making a very ugly pot that soon got broken.


So we were given our lump of clay and first task was to learn how to centre the clay.  Easier than it sounds and took ages to perfect the technique.  Tim made this look very easy.  Then it was to decide what we were going to make, we both decided on a mug.  Again, there is a lot to learn, but I was very proud of the skills I learnt and look forward to seeing my mug after it has been dried and glazed.


I found it very therapeutic and definitely will have a go again.  If you fancy a go, then check out Crafty Monkeys.  They are starting glass fusing which sounded interesting to try.

So thank you Tim for making the experience fun, I look forward to having another go and can’t wait to see the finished article.

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