Not quite the Coledale Horseshoe

So another twitteratti walk was upon us and I had decided on the Coledale Horseshoe route.  A few new faces this time, Steve, Jim’s wife Cindy and friend Mick, plus Paul and Karen. The weather for a change was absolutely amazing as you can see from the pics.

So after our Good mornings and introductions we set off on what we thought was the right path!!  I have renamed this walk the Coledale flip flop as we went the wrong way out of the car park!!  People made the mistake of following me, thinking I knew where I was going!!  I suppose that’s the thing when you’re in a group as you’re busy talking and forget that we actually need to navigate!  We only realised our mistake when about a mile into the walk and we seem to be doing more of a valley walk than a ridge walk.  A friend Martin messaged me to say that as he was tracking us on Social Hiking.

So we were faced with the option of a very steep ascent to get onto Grisedale Pike and the shocked faces signalled that was a definite NO.  Or just rearrange our route, which we did.  The weather was so amazing that we were all just glad to be outside enjoying the weather and the banter.

We seem to be walking for an age before we got to the pre summit of Grassmoor, here we decided was a brew and brownie stop.  Now you will all know that I do like my phone in fact some will say I love it/obsessed with it etc.  So you can imagine my horror, when I get it out, drop it and it decided to slide down a snowy/icy hillside.  Dave was in the process of handing the brownies out when I screamed “my phone” and he went off to try and save it.  It just wouldn’t stop, it was like something out of a comedy sketch, eventually Dave stopped it but in the process 2 brownies jumped out of the box that Dave was holding aloft!  Who says Men can’t multi task.  Tanya was very worried by this but luckily she had already got her piece.  There was a sigh of relief when I was reunited with my phone followed by fits of giggles.

Some of us proceeded onto the summit of Grassmoor whilst others decided against it but we would meet at the summit of Eel Crag.  Tanya said she could hear me giggling whilst she was on the summit of Wandope and I was on Grassmoor.  I really should get a mute button J  Before we set off it was a perfect opportunity to try out my new Hillsound Crampons.  They are brilliant, very quick to put on and give lots of grip.  I felt a lot safer knowing I had them on.  Wished I had put them on earlier as had a fall and still have the bruise 2 weeks later.

I love the wiggly path on Sail and think I am in the minority that do.  We were going to add in Barrow but we were all tired and I had mentioned the pub word.  Fatal.  Walkers reward was to be had at The Coledale Inn.  There was much laughter as we re-encountered the Phone/Brownie incident.  Even more so when I did a boob and said “oh it’s like checking in on foreskin….*cue giggles I mean foursquare”

We all had a great day, it’s amazing that all these people turn up from one of my tweets about walking (I think it’s the brownies that lure them). We all get on so well, have a good laugh and have made some wonderful new friends.



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