Twitteratti walk up Skiddaw Dec 16th

So this was a bonus Twitter walk, Dave and I had decided we wanted to do the Skiddaw Traverse, taking in Lonscale, Little Man, Skiddaw, Bakestall and back round the Cumbrian Way via Skiddaw House.  So put it out there and 12 people turn up to join us!!  Newbies to the group were Beth and her husband Steve plus Bruce’s OH Charlie and Ria.   

So after our good mornings and introductions, off we set in the right direction this time after the previous walk when we didn’t.  The weather was not looking great and every time you went to take a pic the mist seem to magically appear.  Despite this, I did manage to get some nice pics. 

The path up Jenkin’s Hill was very steep and soon the group had spread out, it unfortunately happens like that when walking in a large group.  When we got to the fork in the path to Skiddaw Little Man and Lonscale the group split.  I know I said I wasn’t going to turn into a “Wainwright” bagger but the intention of the walk was to incorporate Lonscale.  So Me, Dave P, Steve, Ria, Phil and Ray headed to the summit of Lonscale.  Leaving the rest of the group to make their way to Skiddaw. The walk up was a bit boring but it’s another one done.  The weather was really starting to come down and could hardly see the path in places.  We had said to the others that we would meet on the summit of Skiddaw.  I tried to ring Tanya to say where we were, but no signal.  I did get a garbled text saying we would meet on Bakestall from Tanya’s frozen fingers!!  Soon we reunited into a group again on the way to Bakestall, the weather did seem to be clearing out a bit. 

 As our group had not stopped for a lunch stop, we had a rest/brownie stop at Whitewater Dash waterfalls. I was beginning to get hungry angry!!  Brownies were handed out, this now made my rucksack a lot lighter!!  Re fuelled off we went.

 I couldn’t believe it was another 6 miles back to the car and more importantly the pub.  The walk along the Cumbrian way via Skiddaw House was quite an  un taxing walk and we soon the cars were in sight.  At least in the latter miles the clouds lifted treating us to some nice views.

 Walkers reward was at the Horse and Farrier in Threkeld, what a lovely pub.  They didn’t seem to mind us dirty walkers and 3 dogs as we recounted the days walking.  So another few hills crossed off the list.  That’s the second time I have been up Skiddaw and not seen a thing, maybe third time lucky??

So next one is January 20th 2013, doing the 3 tarns and a few pikes for good measure J



  1. Ray Greenhow says:

    A good walk Gina and at least we lost no one & kept to the track. Well done for organising it and I’ll try and make the next one too. That was a tidy walk of 19.5kms, taking in Bakestall, that’s usually two walks for most. Pleased you liked the pub.

  2. Tanya Oliver @heelwalker1 says:

    Great blog Gina….would have done it all again for a chocolate brownie or two…so would Tilly!
    A great walk whatever the weather. 🙂

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