Blog’s first birthday

So it’s a nearly a year since I started my blog, this year has gone far too quickly!  People say as you get older the quicker it goes.

I have really enjoyed doing my blog and I hope you have enjoyed reading it.

So I haven’t posted as many new recipes as I would have wanted.  New Years resolution is to post a new one each week.  Makesure I keep to that!!

So what will 2013 bring??  The big 40 for me and hopefully I will have completed my list.  Somehow don’t think will get my Orient Espress trip as it is ridiculously expensive but maybe if I’m good!!

The one thing I am looking forward is doing the London Marathon, hopefully my winter training will pay off and will get my coveted sub 4 hour time.  So lots of things off my list planned for the new year.  First being Eurostar to Paris on 12th January.

So please keep reading and trying the recipes out and wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Lots of love

Gina x

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