New Year Resolutions

So another year draws to an end and it always makes me reflective, more so than usual.  It has been and up and down year.  The second half, being a better one. Well apart from my brother nearly dying, thankfully he is making a good recovery. 

Christmas is not my favourite time of year; I have learnt to cope better with it over the years.  When I was 10, my Dad died 2 weeks before Christmas and there is always a 10-year-old girl inside me just wanting her dad to be there.  People are always very patronising towards children, not giving them credit for understanding situations thrust upon them.  Christmas is always a season of expectations that just usually lead to disappointment.  I know it did for me as a child and it is the same for a majority of friends when we speak about childhood.  In the past few years, Christmas has been nicer having my stepchildren Dean and Jake to spoil.  Even at 19 and 22 still get excited about Christmas and the traditions that will now do as a family.

So how did I do with my New Years resolutions for 2012!

To get fit, run more and complete some 10k races – definitely feel fitter, I have loved getting back into my running.  It felt like a milestone for me doing my first 10k races, was so pleased when at Lancaster got a PB.  Will be interesting to see what my times are this year.  Not that I’m competitive!! Running lots has helped me lose weight whilst still enjoying cake.

To get out on the hills more and restart completing the Wainwrights – well 53 completed.  It has been nice getting out on the hills and meeting lots of lovely people on the “Twitteratti” walks.  I don’t think I have ever baked as much chocolate brownie as I have this year.  I am trying not to get obsessed with becoming a bagger!  If the weather has been good then we have been walking.  DIY and house jobs can wait for a rainy day.

To try new recipes – well I did plan to do a new one each week and blog about it.  Have tried lots of new recipes with varying success.

To be easier on myself and have more confidence in myself – this is work in progress.  If I had as much confidence in myself as everyone else does then I will be fine.

Be more Patient with people – again work in progress…..People’s driving round the lakes has definitely tried my patience!!

Resolutions for 2013 – this year I will be 40 eeek.   I don’t feel old enough to be having a “milestone” birthday.  But these are my New Year resolutions

Carry on walking in the hills and conquer Wainwrights

Complete London Marathon in sub 4

Complete my 40 at 40 list

Tone up and lose weight

Give myself an easier time

Be more patient

Have lower expectations of people

What are your resolutions??  Whatever they are, I hope you keep to them.

Happy 2013!!


  1. LakesAdam says:

    Lots to do there! I was think of giving up drinking. Ain’t gonna happen though.

  2. Suzanne says:

    You certainly fit a lot into last year!! I enjoyed seeing some of it (belly dancing, pole dancing, lol). You also inspired others. Me!! The Lakes are amazing and although I can’t make many walks I am with you in spirit and really enjoy your photos. Also running. Between you and Si Butterworth I now have my new passion and pastime.
    I was 40 last year and it has been one of my favourite years. I wish you well with your resolutions and hope you enjoy this coming year. In fact I am positive you will. Xxx

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