Completing number 15 off my 40 at 40 list – Expensive Wine

I have always wanted to try a very expensive bottle of wine just to see if it’s worth it and tastes any better. I don’t profess to be a wine snob but know the type of wine that I like.

Sauvignon blanc or equivalent dry white. Shiraz or New world for red. Like most people, buy most of our wine from the supermarket looking for the deals paying about £5-£6 a bottle. Some times go to our local wine merchant in Kendal – Frank Staintons if we want a treat.

I have known these guys for a long time and they always sort us out. So when I told them about my list and I wanted to try an expensive bottle of wine. Tom suggested the bottle we bought. A 1999 Château Montrose. I don’t really know a lot about French wine and never had many that I’ve enjoyed. Well with the exception of Chateauneuf du pape and St Emillion. Tom suggested this one as he knew we like full bodied red. His drinking instructions were : leave it an hour to settle when you get home, open and leave to breath, decant but don’t filter and then enjoy!

It was so scary opening the bottle, praying not to knock it over or would get a broken cork. I can be quite clumsy at times. Even smelling the cork knew it was going to be good. So patiently waited for it to breath and then the moment came to try.

Oh my, the smell, the taste, it was totally amazing. Rich, full bodied and smooth. It tasted so refined and much stronger than the 12.5% on the label. It was probably the longest a bottle of wines has lasted in our house! Savouring every last drop.

You do get want you pay for, but unless I have a lottery win its back to my supermarket bargains and an odd nice treat bottle!

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