Anniversary meal out


So having read about The Samling in Cumbria Life, decided to treat ourselves for our wedding anniversary.  My surrogate Dad had offered to be taxi for the night so we could both have a drink, without the usual “Who’s going to drive debate”.

The Samling is a beautiful hotel, during the day the views to the lakes are breath taking.

Having drooled over the menu, we decided to have the taster menu.  The food and wine were simply equisite and can see why they have earnt the award for best dining place in the world.  Everything was cooked to perfection as you would of course expect.  I love the gastronomy of the fish course, where we were presented with a cona coffee pot that was infusing our accompanying stock for the dish.  There were lots of ooohs and aahs as we had each dish.

The cheese chariot was a sight to behold, we did share a cheese plate.  Don’t think could manage one each!

So if you have a special occasion or just think sod it, I would definitely recommend The Samling.

Think have just about burnt off the calories consummed!!

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