Completing number 3 off my 40 at 40 list – Snowboarding

So with only a few months to go, had to get organised and get some things done off my list. Booked to have a taster session of snowboarding at Chill Factor Manchester.

It’s a very well organised spot, keyed in our booking number and tickets appeared. Off we set to get our jackets, trousers and boots. Plus of course our snowboard! The snow board was nearly as big as me. I’m so titchy without my trusty heels on.

So our time came for our lesson. The snow is very realistic. It was just to get the basics but soon we were doing runs albeit very small ones.
On my first run I nearly managed to take out the ski lesson next to us!! There was my dulcet tones shouting “I’m sorry” luckily no harm done. It certainly looks a lot easier than actually doing it, my calves and legs were sore.

Surprisingly managed to stay quite upright so maybe there’s hope for me yet!!

I would def like to have another go and maybe try skiing too. Good thing is have a 40% discount card for next time 🙂

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