Training for a marathon

So with 8 weeks to go till the marathon, the sense of what I have to do is becoming a frightening reality.
Whilst I’ve been training, have been thinking back to when I did it 10 years ago. I think naivety is a good training tool as you have no idea of the enormity of the task ahead. Plus being 10 years younger probably helped too!
I have enjoyed getting into my training and doing the 3 half marathons so far! Even achieving a PB 🙂 I love the sense of well being I have when I have finished a good run, the forest gump moment when I feel as if I could run forever…
When you have a goal like the marathon, it doesn’t matter what the weather you have to put your kit on and run! Some of the weather has been shocking! Some days I’ve just wanted to stay in bed but then thinking about the marathon is perfect motivation.
So next milestone training run is the Trimpell 20 mile race on 17th March. After what I thought was a disappointing run in The Blackpool half marathon, I need to sort my food intake to stop fatigue. Going to try some gels over the next couple of weeks. I need to stop being in competition with myself !!
Whenever I’m having a bad day I think of why I’m doing it and all the wonderful support I have around me.
As my ex father in law once said to me “it never gets easier you just get faster”

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