Langdale twitteratti walk 3rd March 2013


So another twitter walk in the Langdales doing the three tarn walk.

So another Twitteratti walk, we were doing the 3 tarns walk from the Three Shire stone. This was a rescheduled walk from January when we were snowed off. Andy (@mixedupmessedup) was up for the weekend and had planned to join us but hurt his knee falling on Wansfell.

So the usual suspects were present, Me the ring leader, Dave, Tanya, Phil and Jim, Adam, Terry and the gang of doggies. Plus newbies to the group, Andy and his friend Gwyn and Daxa. It always makes me smile that people will travel quite literally miles to join us on our walks. Andy and Gwyn came across from Sunderland and Daxa travelled up from Leicestershire. What people will do for Brownies!! This was our first meeting of Phil’s new dog Molly too.

So after our introductions and a quick look at the map off we went. It was a nice day, quite cold and still some patches of snow and ice around. The advantage of starting the walk at The Three shire stone is you are already a fair way up. We were soon at our first stop Red Tarn, the tarn was still frozen. The Langdales looking gorgeous with the dusting of snow still on them.

From here, it was onto our first summit and Wainwright – Pike O Blisco. There was alot of snow and most of us went sledging even though not our intention!!

We made our way down from Pike O Blisco heading down to Blea Tarn. It was on this decent that I fell and damaged my knee 😦 The ironic thing is we were over the worse part and just slipped on some wet grass. Having brushed myself down and got up, within a few steps knew that all was not well. I had visions of being air lifted off the hillside! I made my way down to Blea Tarn and Dave, Adam and Terry went for the car. Daxa and Tanya kept me company whilst Jim, Andy, Gwyn and Phil went off to Lingmoor to complete the walk.

Turns out, I have damaged my medial ligament and praying that the physio can mend me so I can complete the London Marathon. It’s not looking good 😦 I am not a very good patient!!

So once we had re-grouped, we met at the Three Shires pub for a post walk reward pint.










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