Completing number 35 off my 40 at 40 list – Clay pigeon shooting



So today was going to be an action packed day at Laggan Outdoors. First up was clay pigeon shooting, after we had signed our disclaimers it was into the land cruiser and off up the hills. The outdoor centre is in a fantastic location.

In the price we got 30 cartridges, so after a briefing on how to use the gun and safety talk. It was off to the first trap. I was to be fair a terrible shot, just missing by seconds. Duncan said he had never had anyone miss every shot and said I would not be his first!!


I didn’t let him down, on the final shots hit 2 clays!
It was a lot harder than I thought and would definitely have another go. Despite my constant nearly misses, it was excellent fun and had a laugh 🙂
Rachel was a natural and completely whipped the boys and won!!

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