Completing number 40 on my 40 at 40 list – go on a very long zip wire

So after a google search, found that Laggan Outdoors in SW Scotland had the longest zip wire in the UK. Only this week to be upstaged by one in Wales that is a mile long.
So after being put into the harness it was into the land rover and head up to the top of the hill to the start.



Friends Ernie and Rach has come along to do it with me. Me and Rach went down together. After being attached and a brief safety instruction of what to do when we got to the end. It was time to sit back in our harnesses and fly down the 820m Zip. 3 2 1 go…
We both were screaming our heads off but then caught each others faces and were laughing and smiling as it was just the most exhilarating experience.


Soon we were down and being lowered from the Zip wire. It was a brilliant experience and can’t wait to try the one in Wales. Apparently you go head first!!



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