Braised Pork Belly with Ginger and Chillies

This is so easy to do and is delicious!! I especailly like picking the burnt bits of pork off the bottom of the pan mmmm yummy!!

Serves 4-6


2.5kg Pork Belly, rind removed and cut into 5cm pieces

1 tbsp dark soy sauce

200ml Shaohsing rice wine

2 tbsp vegetable oil

2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced

thumb sized piece of ginger, peeled and cut into matchsticks

pinch of chilli flakes

100ml Chinese black vinegar

140g soft brown sugar

700ml vegetable stock

To serve

Jasmine rice

Sliced spring onions

2 red chillies, sliced


Toss the pork with a tbsp of the rice wine and the soy sauce, leave to marinate or at least an hour or overnight.

Heat oil in a heavy based pan, and brown the pork on all sides in batches.

Add a dash more oil and gently fry the ginger, garlic and chilli flakes until soft.

Pour the vinegar, remaining rice wine, sugar and stock into the pan and bring to the boil. Add pork and turn down to a simmer and leave for 2 hours. For the final 30 mins, remove lid, increase the heat and let the liquid reduce until thick and syrupy.

Serve with jasmine rice, onions and chillies


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