A twist on completing number 13 off my 40 at 40 list – pose nude

So number 13 is to have a life drawing done of myself. My friend Jen who lives in Barcelona and an artist, said come over and have it done here. Jen said I have lots of artists friends that would love to paint you especially with your curves! So have booked to go in June. Plus having it done in another country means there will be no embarrassing bumping into people saying “oh you look different with your clothes on”

So I posted on twitter that had booked to go to Barcelona to do this. A twitter friend Beccie said fab but you should have an arty photo shoot with Mark Elliot. She had done this and the photos are stunning. So after a few messages and payment in coffee, a date was set for 6th April.
I was feeling very nervous but Mark made me feel at ease at once.
It’s always nerve racking getting naked in front of people. Even with people you want to get naked with. There’s always that worry about that wobbly bit or body hang ups. So even worse with a stranger that’s going to take naked pictures of you.
So it was time to drop the robe, ok deep breaths and 321 the robe is off and breath. A few test shots, quick peek at the results and was pleasantly surprised at how good they were. Few more shots and was starting to relax.
266 pictures later and it’s a wrap.
Mark was so lovely, made me at ease and the pictures I’ve seen so far have been stunning. I can’t believe that he made me beautiful and I smile when I look at the pictures.
The life drawing came about as a bit of fun or dare. I’m glad that I had these pictures done as was very liberating. I love the results and you know what at nearly 40 I don’t look too bad. Yes I would prefer less wobbly bits but I quite like them and as I’ve said before no-one wants to shag a washboard. Curves rule!!! Obviously pictures have been cropped for social media as definitely don’t think it’s ready for my boobies!!
So if you fancy a photo shoot contact the lovely Mark http://www.mark-elliott-photography.co.uk





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