Completing number 30 off my 40 at 40 list – drive a tank

So having heard that Holmescales activity centre had got a new tank, gave them a ring to book having a go at driving a tank. So the weather was not going to be great on bank holiday Monday so it was booked to do it then.
Having arrived at Holmescales, Wayne the centre manager and our instructor introduced himself and was a short drive to the tank track.


The tank had been in active service in Afghanistan and it makes you think a moment about what it has been involved in. When I was sat in the back tried to imagine what that must be like, I was there in my waterproofs not with kilos of kit on in 45° heat. Spending hours in such a confined space.

Driving the tank was quite a simple process. 2 sticks to steer and accelerator. Off I went, it was just such a fun exhilarating experience as you can see in my video!
A few laps round the course and swap so Dave could have a go too. I even managed to park the tank! Who says women can’t park!!!
I would recommend to have a go at this as was brilliant fun and still have the smile on my face 🙂
Thank you Wayne for sorting this for me, if you want to find out more about this visit


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