Twitteratti walk in the Northern fells – Sunday 26th May

So it’s been awhile since our last twitter walk, mine was that fateful one in the Langdales when I damaged my knee.
It was nice putting my walking boots on and making brownies for the group.
So there was me, Dave, Alan, Andy, Bruce, Gary and newbie Stuart aka @fairweatherhiker.
Decided to tick off some of the northern fells, so met in Longlands at 9 am. We were blessed with a fantastic sunny day, we are never blessed with such good weather!! Sun cream applied and a look at the map and we were off. Nearly having a “coledale” moment as were all talking and neatly went the wrong way! When will people learn, I organise but don’t always know where I’m going!!
I’ve never done any walking in this area, one thing in doing the Wainwrights is you get to explore areas that are less popular.
Longlands fell was the first wainwright off the day. These fells are more rolling hills that their rockier neighbours.


It was nice to be in shorts and my wicking boob tube! If only an outdoor brand would make one???
One thing on our walks,is they are never quiet! It’s good having a crack and taking in the views. Poor people thinking they would escape to these quiet hills oops.
From Longlands headed to Brae fell, Little Sca Fell, Great Sca Fell to Knott.


When we descended Knott decided it was food time as there was a perfect sheltered part. Brownies were handed round and introduced Stuart to his first brownie. He approved and declared that we weren’t a bunch weirdos from the Internet!! Good thing about having a brownie stop is my rucksack is now lighter.


Even though it was sunny, the wind was very chilly at points. As you can see in the photo, there was a remnant of the snow which we had during the week. We headed towards Great and Littke Cockup. 5 Wainwrights in the bag. I could tell that I was not hill fit and my knee was starting to ache. I had put rocktape on to try and help it. I even changed my top so it matched, things you’ve gotta do when being a glam hill walker hehe.


Now for the descent back to the car, we had 2 options: 1: go back to Great Cockup and go down the valley or 2: descend the front. So part went one way and I went for option 2. This was interesting, was very steep, jumping over streams and having a comedy moment climbing a wire fence! You know who your friends are when Alan said I would’ve helped you but was laughing too much. The others caught up and it was a short walk back to the car.
As another Wainwright Binsey was nearby and on it’s own, we decided that it would be silly not to do it.
So a short drive and a relatively quick ascent, we were on top of our 6th Wainwright of the day. For a small hill, it had fantastic panoramic views.



A sprint back to the car and to the pub for our walkers reward. Pub- The Sun in Bassenthwaite and a pint of Cocker Hoop.


  1. Ray Greenhow says:

    Well done Gina, the snow remnant is called, of all things, Frozen Fell. Binsey is a great little hill for it’s views, not least north toward Scotland. Who stuck a boomerang on your leg?

    1. Gina says:

      It does look like a boomerang but it’s Rocktape to support my knee!!

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