Wainwright number 76 – Souther Fell

With my first wild camp having quite literally a rain check and Dave having completed the Great North swim, hadn’t planned any walks. So the weather was looking not too bad so decided to tick off Souther Fell. Completed quite alot of the neighbouring wainwrights on our first Twitter walk.

Gary had put a tweet out hills or domestic chores so said what we were doing and came to join us.
We met at the telephone box in the village of Mungrisedale.
The walk was a circular one but nearly missed the path up as was chatting! It was a slog up.


It was interesting on the way up to see the hills we had done a couple of weeks ago. The summit was a bit disappointing as there were no distinguishing features. I want a trig point or at least a cairn!

But we did have nice views over to Blencathra.

Descended in a very caution manor as was grass and after falling am extra careful!
It was a very clear day in the north of the county and on the descent had views over to Scotland!

Soon the pub was in sight and a walkers reward pint.


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