Completing number 29 off my 40 at 40 list – Learn the Trapeze

So after some research, I found that the nearest place to learn the trapeze was in Sheffield at the Greentop circus school. They are such a friendly bunch, when I couldn’t make any of the workshops dates. I asked if they could do a session maybe a small group, they contacted one of their freelance instructors and it was a go. £25 per hour between how many I could convince to come!

I can’t remember how learning the trapeze made it onto my to do list, maybe I secretly have aspirations to run away with the circus? A few weeks ago, Lucy from Barngates brewery asked when I did learning the trapeze could she come with me. Of course I said! As it was in Sheffield, our OH’s would visit the famous Sheffield tap and other hostelries in the name of research whilst we were trapezing.

So the 2 of us left the boys to devour beer and we headed off to circus school. Now you would think that 2 blondes with sat nav finding our destination would be easy, not if your sat nav is obviously on her period. Think it was having a major blip! It said you have reached your destination, we couldn’t see it, but then saw the bright pink lights of “Greentop” on a disused church and were relieved to have found it.

We nervously entered, giggling between ourselves at what was coming before us. The building lended itself perfectly.

Angela our instructor introduced herself and once we got changed, started our warm up. A lot of the warm up was yoga based. Once we warmed up it was time to drag out the safety mats. This was all that we had to protect us! No harnesses for us!

Now getting onto the trapeze was an art in itself, Angela was so elegant getting on. This was definitely not applicable to me, I was about as elegant as a hippo. Once on, had to swing up so was sat on the trapeze. I would say the trapeze was about 10ft off the ground. We were taught various tricks, slightly perturbed when one of them involved using just your knee against the rope to hold you on. But actually was not so bad.
It was incredibly hard and you need a lot of upper body strength. After over an hour, Lucy and I were starting to tire. We had a run through of all the moves we had learn. There is video of this but I’m afraid I’m not going to share as I look hideous. Our arms were hurting to lift and the backs of our knees were feeling bruised from gripping onto the bar for dear life. A stretch out and we were done! 2 hours of fun and being put through our paces and it was off to the Sheffield tap for a celebratory beer! Sheffield tap is a beer Mecca, so wished I wasn’t driving.

The day after, I have a nice collection of bruises appearing and using my arms has been challenging! Definite used muscles I didn’t realise I had. But for fun and just doing something completely different would recommend doing this. Thank you Lucy for being brave enough to join me in competing this!

If you want to do this or fancy learning another circus skill then visit


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