Completing number 4 off my 40 at 40 list – Do a handbrake turn

So when most of my peers were learning to drive when they hit 17, I was being a housewife in Cumbria. My mode of transport was a mountain bike or hitching a ride. I learnt to drive at 24 when we decided that everywhere would be alot more accessible if we could drive.
So we went on an intensive driving course to Blackpool. Couldn’t drive on the Sunday took my test the following Saturday! It was too much and the pressure got to me and I failed 😦 But with the course I got 4 hours free tuition for when I took my test again. Which I did 3 weeks later and passed. It’s a very odd feeling driving on your own without your instructor. I couldn’t imagine not being able to drive now.
So maybe it’s the inner rally driver in me but always wanted to do a handbrake turn.
So having sussed out a place on our travels, decided a car park near Tarn Hows was perfect. So we arrived and there was a man in a car already there. He probably thought we were there to do something we weren’t suppose to!
So Dave gave me a demo and watched to see how to do it. Explained to the man what we were doing and he was in no danger.
So off I went, first…second…hard lock, clutch and handbrake…first time perfectly executed 180° turn. As you will see in my video.
Brilliant feeling and would’ve done it again but the grown up inner version of me didn’t want to break my car!!
So I think a rally day and a skid pan day are definitely going on my “very long road to 50” list.

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