Peak number 2 – Scafell Pike July 7th 2013

Snowdon done onto Scafell Pike. After lots of working out, which would be quicker with the walk and travel time.
We decided to walk from Wasdale head, early start as from Kendal there is no quick way to drive there. We arrived at 8 and was already very warm. Boots on and off we went.

It’s a very clear path up, again not a taxing route just a relentless slog up! Rather than bearing off to the Mickledore path (how we ascended last time) kept to the left. Glancing up when having rest stops saw that the summit was in cloud. Soon could see the trig point 🙂 and we were up on the top of England’s highest mountain Scafell Pike.

Though this was the view I was after that I got when climbed it back in 2010.


Trail mag shot number 2, it was funny as 2 other people on the top asked to borrow our magazine as they had left theirs in the car!
Food and drink and it was descent time! I do much prefer going up than coming down!


By now it was very hot and energy sapping. Maybe a few more rest stops than usual!

Soon the car park was in sight. Refreshments and a sandwich at the Wasdale Inn to set us up for the long drive to Fort William.
People always rave about how good the Wasdale inn is. I’ll probably get berated for saying that I don’t rate it. Poor beer selection, living in a county of such excellent brewers it astounds me that this can happen. WIFI didn’t work, the staff were sullen and it’s was like they were doing us a favour by serving us.
Looking at the surrounding hills can’t wait to come back and explore them.


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