Post beer festival Twitteratti walk 21st July


Having just flown back from Ibiza was definitely itching to get back into the fells. With more birthday celebrations and a tweet up at the Beer festival in Staveley the previous night, decided on a more leisurely meet time of 11am.

The beer festival is always well attended and this was reflected in the lack of beer choice when we got there in the evening. We had a good night and the cheese on toast and malt whisky was the perfect end.

So we had arranged to meet at the junction on the High Borrans road with Dubbs tarn. There was quite a few of us : Me, Dave, Andy, Bruce, Tanya, Jim and his wife Cindy, Paul and Sian, Daxa (who had travelled up from Leicester that morning) and new additions to the twitteratti Claire and Steve who’d we met last year at the beer festival.

So we were doing the Sour Hows and Sallows walk, a 7.5 mile relatively gentile walk taking in 2 Wainwrights. Stewart (stewyphoto on twitter) did take the piss out of me for turning into a bagger!!

So off we set, luckily I had found a stash of emergency brownies in the freezer as hadn’t had time to be a domestic goddess!

It was perfect walking conditions, not too hot with a gentle breeze. Though the horse flies did seem to take a liking to me and subsequently I am covered in bites trying not to scratch them.

It was nice to be back out walking, trying to burn off excess calories consumed on holiday. Even though the summits were not particularly high, had amazing views off the lakes and surrounding hills.

This walk was an opportunity for me to try and learn how to read a map. Slightly daunting when you have 11 people all asking where are we?? I didn’t do too badly but I do need to learn. Men do have this secret ability to know exactly where they are at any given time!!

A butty and brownie stop on the summit of Sallows and then the descent down to the most important place on a walk the pub. The paths were very dry due to the recent good weather.

Pub of choice was the Watermill at Ings, had a much better beer choice than the previous nights beer festival. A walkers reward of one of my favourites Collie Wobbles and it was time to say our good byes.

Not sure when the next twitter walk will be so watch this space!








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