Completing number 1 off 40 at 40 list – Busk to earn my lunch



Busking this was probably the scariest thing I have done off my list!! FACT

This came about when I was thinking of things to do, a rather drunken Friday night after work and my friend Terry jokingly said lets Busk. Yes lets do that and see if can earn enough money for our lunch! We had low expectations; it would be easily achievable to earn enough money for a Greggs pasty!

It is quite a thing to sing in public when you are not the greatest of singers; Terry said I really don’t think I can do this. So my friend Tanya steps in and she can sing! I must add she agreed to this sober without the influence of Pinot Grigio, must to the surprise of her husband Paul. We decided on our songs and then I made the date.

With being extremely busy with other things, we didn’t have time to practice. Over a coffee the previous day decided that this wasn’t a bad thing. So with backing tracks downloaded, lyrics printed we were as ready as we were going to be.

That night I had a practice and text Tanya to say, “I don’t think I can do this” she replied “Yes we can”. So we arranged to meet at 2.30pm outside Beales in Kendal.

Most of the time my enthusiastic singing is contained to the car, I love singing away to myself whilst I am on my coffee girl travels. Unleashing that on the poor folk of Kendal was another thing.

So armed with my tambourine, sign, glasses and flat caps (our very poor disguise) I was set. Walking up I was so nervous and said to Dave “I can’t do this” and he said of course you can. When I saw Tanya, nerves were gone and just thought ok lets do this.

First song was Mama Mia. We had put about 30p in loose change in to get us started. People were looking at us shocked or smiling after they read my sign explaining why we were doing this. Then people were putting money in, soon there was enough for a pasty hurrah. We did 2 other songs, Living on a prayer and I can see clearly now. There was quite a lot of money in the hat so decided to call it a day. When we counted our earnings were very impressed that we earnt £10 in 10 minutes. This has been donated to ‘Fix the Fells’.

So a huge thank you to Tanya for coming along and supporting me. We said despite our fears was actually a lot of fun. Not that we will be making this a regular habit!



Here you are, evidence!!

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