Completing number 7 off my 40 at 40 list – drive a super car

So it’s not just boys that like fast cars. I do a fair bit of driving around the lakes with my job. Some people say I am a bit like a rally driver with a very heavy right foot. When I bought my new car last year, a Skoda Octavia estate, my sensible head decided my downgrade to a 1.6 from a 2 litre diesel turbo.

I had looked at doing a super car day when my friend Andrew said leave it with me. So he suggested either a track day in a Lamborghini but would just get to be a passenger, or get insured on his Porsche for the day. Brave man letting me loose with his car!! So we decided on a date and he sorted the insurance. As I was chauffeur, we decided that we would go for a drive and incorporate Sunday lunch at Lindeth Howe.


Drove down to their house near Bouth, near Ulverston and there she was all freshly washed waiting for me. Andrew’s Porsche is a Panamera, a sensible Porsche as has four seats and plenty of room. Aston Martin produced the Rapide, so the Germans not be outdone produced the Panamera. Sexy black, cream leather, it is such a gorgeous piece of kit. So we set off, Andrew driving pointing out the instruments etc and then it was my turn to take to the wheel.

It’s odd driving an automatic car, when I first headed towards a roundabout my instinct was to shift down a gear. The sound of the engine and the power felt as I pressed my foot down was exhilarating. You don’t realise how fast you are travelling, the car gets up to speed very very quickly, luckily the brakes are also very good. The 3litre diesel engine purred and Andrew said it is probably his most sensible super car he has owned as can get 42mpg!! Soon I was used to the car, it’s about the same size as mine. I could definitely get used to driving this.

Had a fantastic lunch at Lindeth Howe near Bowness, I did have a pang of jealously when having a sip of the wine as was so so good. Leisurely lunch done and it was off to pose round the Glebe in Bowness. Having a wry smile to myself as they were checking the spexy blonde driving the Porsche. Hehe!!
So we were heading back to Andrew and Fiona’s and thought lets be tourists and use the ferry. I had not been on this for years. The Windermere Ferry has been operating for more than 500 years. The original craft were rowed across the lake, later ferries were steam driven and the most recent ones have had diesel engines. The current ferry ‘Mallard’ is the largest so far; a modern craft which carries up to 18 cars and over 100 passengers.



The road on the other side down to Newby Bridge is very narrow and prayed that we didn’t meet anything. As despite having round the body sensors, still was nervous of the tight spaces at times. Just for more posing went down to Lakeside, had some pictures and into the Lakeside hotel for a drink. It is a stunning hotel but the bar prices are very expensive, obviously the price you pay for such a gorgeous view. Then it was back to drop the car off and wave goodbye to my super car for the day.


I am very lucky to have friends that would trust me with their pride and joy. Thank you Andrew and Fiona for letting me complete Number 7 off my list and for great company too.



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