Turning 40….

So turning 40 was not as bad as I’d thought it would be. The night before the big day, I was a blubbering mess dwelling on the things I hadn’t achieved rather than all the things I had.
My birthday was a fabulous day, being on a sun lounger in Ibiza helped. Café mambo and doing an all nighter in Pacha definitely made it an unforgettable day. No too old to party just takes a little longer to recover.

My list is nearly completed; I am hoping to have the last few items ticked off before the end of September. My list has been a lot of fun and has left me with lots of lovely experiences and memories. People ask if I have a favourite, this is a hard question to answer. If I had to choose would probably be my dining experience at Le Gavroche and meeting the man himself Michel Roux jnr. I have never tasted food quite like it before. I am very lucky that I have had the opportunity to eat in some very amazing places but nothing compares to Le Gavroche.

Other favourites have been the Via Ferrata Extreme at Honister, abseiling and the Yorkshire 3 peaks. People’s kindness and offers of help have been overwhelming at times. It’s always hard picking favourites though….

I was lucky enough to have my 40 at 40 stories printed and that wasn’t on my list. It’s one thing blogging about it and a limited number people reading my stories to having it printed in a national magazine. I couldn’t believe how much I was in the magazine, not many people can say they have shared a front page with Holly Willoughby. It’s been tough seeing it in print especially everyone knowing about the IVF and what we have been through. If my story helps or inspires other people then that is a good thing and I take comfort from that. I even managed to be a page 3 girl in my local paper The Westmorland Gazette.

So I have already started another list!! So here it is!! I’ve said people can suggest things but they have to do it with me!! So if anyone can help with any of these, please get in touch.

Windermere marathon
Crown round walk
Bob graham round
Learn the harmonica
Kielder marathon
Learn to juggle
Learn to skim stones
Learn to wolf whistle
Go to a Driving range
Do a Skid pan day
Rally day
Sky dive
Drive a speedboat
Walk the Cumbrian way
Learn to salsa
Learn flamenco
Publish a book
Become a world record holder -apparently I need to get 2000 people on space hoppers
Demolish a building
Learn to throw a lasso
Free fall simulator
Go to a firing range
Mud wrestle
Bridge bungee jump
Walk the Welsh 300
Learn Spanish
Sumo suit wrestling
Dine at le manoir
Dine at Gidleigh park
Hot air balloon
Drive a caterham
Learn to tap dance
Row on open water with Kirsty Reid

When I’m Retired
C2c walk
Offas dyke walk
West Highland way


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