Saturday 31st August -Raven crag and beyond…


It’s been a busy week of walking, living in the lakes you have to take advantage when you can. So with a window of opportunity on Saturday afternoon, decided to do Raven Crag, High Tove and Armboth fell.

The weather was looking a bit showery but then blue sky was never far behind. So we parked near the start of the ascent up Raven Crag, in a lay-by so didn’t have to pay for parking!

It a very steep ascent, I could feel it in my calves after the previous walks! Despite being quite steep, it doesn’t take long to reach the summit of Raven Crag. The views are stunning and well worth the climb.



Then the rain came, waterproof on and took shelter under the trees. The walk back down were mainly sheltered but was still drizzling. Headed to have a look at Castle crag fort. This is an Iron Age settlement.


A great view down the gully but could see the weather coming in. On the map it looked as if you could cut through from here towards High Tove our next summit. But were in a very overgrown gully with severe drops so decided to track back to the forest track.

From here, headed along the forest track until a gate which headed towards High Tove. Which I could see it in the distance. The path across was so incredibly boggy, I love my new inov8 shoes but after a couple of steps my feet were wet 😦 I definitely need to invest in some waterproof socks!!


I’ve said that I’ve enjoyed completing the Wainwrights walking in different places but not today! Why Wainwright why?? The only saving grace was the good views of the Helvellyn range.

Soon the summit of High Tove was in sight. It’s energy sapping walking or rather trudging over boggy land. But the good news is, it had stopped raining and the sun had come out though was very blustery.



From the summit, could see the craggy rock that we presumed was the summit of Armboth fell. Maybe it’s me being a fussy walker but I want a proper summit marker!!

Oh joy more bog as we navigated our way across the fell. Heading towards the highest point hoping that would be the summit. If it wasn’t, I am not going up there again!! I’m probably being unfair as did have great views!!




Then back down the path which was quite steep to the road. Then a long walk back to the car!! Tanya had text to see where we were and came to meet us in the pub for a walkers reward.

Pub of choice was the Kingshead, Thirlspot and a pint of Jennings Cocker Hoop.

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