Completing number 38 off my 40 at 40 list – have a food fight


I can’t believe I’d never had a food fight before, the sheltered life that I’ve led! When I’ve been talking with friends about it, we said it would be more fun to have it, somewhere that you really shouldn’t!

So after tweeting with Neville, the manager of the Low Wood hotel for some time, I said your lawn would be a perfect spot for my food fight. I called in to see him and we set about making plans to make it happen. A date was set, a proper Prosecco afternoon tea followed by jelly, ice cream and blancmange to be flung on the lawn.

To make it more interesting, my friend Andrew suggested fancy dress as then I wouldn’t have any dry cleaning bills to foot! As some of the people coming didn’t know my true intention of the tea! So a bad taste dress code was decided. It was fun finding our outfits and I giggled to myself when the lady in the charity shop said “you’ll look very elegant in that”.


It was so funny as everyone started to arrive. My sister works at the hotel and didn’t seem too embarrassed with her big sister doing this at her place of work. First to arrive was Jim and Cindy. Though Cindy didn’t look bad taste as she’s a very glam lady!

Next up was Ernie and Rach. Now Ernie is partial to a bit of dressing up but that’s another story…

Then Simon and Liz.

Then Andrew, Fiona and Richard.

Not forgetting my little sis, Samantha.

So we had a delicious afternoon tea with a glass of Prosecco.


Neville had said when we had the tea, he would send out plates of jelly, blancmange and ice cream. As soon as people saw this, the ones not in the know guessed what was going on. Food fight!!!!! I was immediately covered and felt ice cream pushed down my back!! It was just so funny.




I’m sure passers by wondered Wheaton earth was happening. People in the hotel bar were laughing at what we were doing!

We decided to go across to the pier and have some photos taken and Dave decided on an unexpected dip to clean off!




Everyone agreed what a great way to spend an afternoon and should make it an annual event! Thank you to my friends that made a fantastic effort with the dress code and making completing this so much fun!

A huge thank you to Neville and his team at the Low Wood Hotel. They even came out with cloths to clean ourselves down with. So thank you for letting me do Number 38 with you!


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