New skills being learnt off my new fabulist

I still have my helicopter flight to do on my 40 at 40 list. This is going to be done in the spring when the clocks change.

So my new list, whilst I was completing things off my 40 list, people would say have you thought of this or this. So a new fabulist has been born. A list for life. I’ve been writing items down and if people suggest things, they have to do it with me!!

The list isn’t to be completing in a time frame as my previous list just whenever an opportunity arises. So over the last couple of weeks have been switching between 3 things off my list.

First, perfect the pout! A bit of fun, trying to sexily pout without looking like I’m sulking. So as I’ve been driving round on my coffee girl duties I’ve been practicing. Probably much to the amusement of my fellow road users! One day my cheeks hurt so much after over doing it. So this is probably about as sexy as I’m going to get!!


Next thing is learn the harmonica. This was a bit of fun and the harmonica is easily transported so could whip it out and perform anytime/anywhere!

I was shopping in Sainsbury’s and saw one for £2 and thought I’m having that. At the moment I’m being as annoying as a child with a recorder!! But it is good fun and have downloaded a piece of music to learn. So will post a video when I have perfected it!! Maybe though, I need to practice in a room where no one can hear me.


Learn to wolf whistle. Having been in awe of my friends Tanya and Alan effortless ability to be able to do this. I wanted to do it too. So having researched, seemed easy enough to do!!
How to wolf whistle:
First, wash your hands, and have a towel or something close by to wipe your hands on as you practice (you’ll be spitting on your hands as you’re learning).

Then, fold the tip of your tongue back onto your tongue. Tip: Your tongue should be back about mid-way in your mouth, and should not be touching the roof of your mouth.

Next, position whatever fingers you plan to use into a point. Tip: I found that it was easier to use a narrow angle when using the four finger technique, and a wide angle for the two finger technique.
Then, rest your fingers on the underside of your tongue, but not past the tip of the tongue. Tip: It may help to apply a very small amount of pressure to the underside of your tongue when trying to whistle.

Make sure that your lips are sealed around the outside of your fingers such that there is only a small space in-between your fingers where your lips are not sealed to allow the air (whistle) to escape. Tip: It might help to curl your lips around your teeth but it is not necessary. Just make sure that there is only a small space for air to escape your mouth through.

Finally, blow air out of your mouth. Tip: Take long, slow breaths so that you can tweak your tongue angle, finger placement and mouth shape while you are blowing out until you start whistling.

So this is work in progress, so far I have managed a kind of whistle and covered myself in spit. So practice practice practice!!

So here is my ever expanding list:
Windermere marathon
Crown round walk
Bob graham round
Learn the harmonica
Kielder marathon
Learn to juggle I
Learn to skim stones
Learn to wolf whistle
Go to a Driving range
Do a Skid pan day
Rally day
Sky dive
Drive a speedboat
Walk the Cumbrian way
Learn to salsa
Learn flamenco
Publish a book
Become a world record holder -apparently I need to get 2000 people on space hoppers
Demolish a building
Learn to throw a lasso
Free fall simulator
Go to a firing range
Mud wrestle
Bridge bungee jump
Walk the Welsh 300
Learn Spanish
Sumo suit wrestling
Dine at le manoir
Dine at Gidleigh park
Dine at hand and flowers
Hot air balloon
Drive a caterham
Learn to tap dance
Row on open water with Kirsty Reid
La tomatina Spain
Fire walking
Visit buck palace
Go to the races
Try a bottle of cristal
Heavy horses with Rachel
Amsterdam with Rachel
Go on a bucking broncho
Learn to Ice skate with Niamh and Erin
Roller disco
Light my farts
Lindy dance with Cate
Learn to play poker
Visit Downton Abbey
Have a drink in the Shard
Get me oldies played on radio 2
Perfect the pout
Learn to apply eyeshadow so don’t look like a tranny! Job for Jan
Visit St bees
Go round Cumbria on the train
Do Carlisle to settle on the train
Be a can can girl
Go on a sedgway
Learn to ski with heather
Go on zip wire in Wales
Go on a bobsleigh with jake
Go out in London in style with cate
Learn to aerial trapeze

When I’m Retired
C2c walk
Offas dyke walk
West Highland way

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  1. Excellent list Gina. Looking forward to your updates, although you don’t have to share the “Light My Farts” one. Looking forward to your book.

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