Dear body

Thank you for all I’ve put you through this year.

It’s been quite a year training for the London marathon, K2B walk and squeezing in my obsession for bagging Wainwrights. You didn’t once look at me as if I was bonkers.

It was on one of my wainwright walks that I injured you. A stupid fall ending up with a torn medial ligament. With the assistance from Graham and positive mental attitude, you performed a miracle and we managed to complete London only 7 weeks after injury. Not our best performance but with determination we did it.

I didn’t really let you rest and I’m sorry about that. 3 weeks later completing the K2B 40 mile walk. I thought I’d done it this time, infected blisters and nearly ended up in hospital. But you mended yourself.

When I felt sluggish getting back running you showed me I was better than I thought. Running quicker and stronger. Maybe at 40 I’m coming into my prime?

I like how you’ve toned up with running, how I can carry off skinny jeans but my boobs still are huge. Even though would prefer smaller ones. But I am thankful that they are firm, not droopy and are defying gravity.

Lastly my liver, apologies for putting extra strain on you the last 2 weekends. I promise I will have nights off the drink. You’ll be pleased to know that after last night I’m never drinking again!!!

So this week, less drinking more running and catch up on some beauty sleep so you can replenish yourself!

So thank you body, we make a great team. Wobbly bits are good and I love you.

Me xx


  1. Chris says:

    Just goes to show that turning 40 isn’t the end of the world

    1. Gina says:

      It certainly isn’t! Don’t feel 40 and my new age is 34 plus VAT 😉

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