Things to do in 2014

So as another year draws to an end, this year has been quite a busy one to say the least! We all set off with New Year resolutions and these usually fall by the wayside by February. But for me I think I have nearly completed them all, well the physical ones, the personal ones I set myself still need work.

For me 2013 will be unforgettable for all the wonderful things I have done. Reading that back I hope it doesn’t sound too pretentious? Those who have been following my blog will know that I had my 40 at 40 list.

Turning 40 was a big thing for me personally, dwelling on the things missing from my life and not wanting to be 40 as that seemed so grown up. But as it turned out, turning 40 is not too shabby. I had a wonderful birthday in Ibiza and did my all nighter off my list. There is something very wrong with going to bed when I would usually be waking up. One thing I’ve noticed is I can still party just the recovery takes longer!! I had a lovely birthday lunch with friends and family on my return and even got my list published in a national magazine.

I had my 8 minutes of fame on Radio Cumbria last week. They were doing a feature on resolutions and had come across my blog. For me it’s nice starting the year with objectives, like a new exercise book at school.

People have been so lovely with their comments about my list, which completely humbles me. I love writing my blog and it’s nice when people say they enjoy reading it and following my adventures. I get embarrassed when people say you’ve inspired me. Because, despite my larger than life presence on social media, underneath I just think I’m not worth the plaudits which people have bestowed on me. I’m just me who is constantly striving, though I’m not sure for what exactly.

So 39 things completed, still helicopter over the lakes to do. This will be done in the spring when the clocks change and have more daylight. I am so looking forward to this and seeing the lakes from a different perspective. I am very lucky that an old friend can help me out with this task. Saving the best till last. I have been reflecting on all the lovely things I have managed to do. My favourites are probably the orient express, dining at Gavroche, doing my first wild camp, glider flight and my photo shoot with Mark. I have a new fabulist, no time frame to complete it, more a list for life!

So how did I do with last year’s resolutions?
Carry on walking and conquer the Wainwrights – Well 86 peaks bagged this year and this takes my Wainwright count to 115. So another 99 to go. Hoping to complete these in 2014.

Complete London marathon in sub 4 hour – completed London but in 5:05. Was pleased with this as tore my medial ligament 7 weeks before which completely ruined my training plan. So maybe 2014 will bring my sub 4 hour marathon time? I have entered Manchester marathon in April and Windermere Marathon in May. If my body copes with that, I would love to be fit enough to have a go at the Bob Graham round. 42 Lakeland peaks in 24 hours!!

Complete my list – well I am chuffed that managed to do 39 things off it.
Tone up and lose weight – lost, gained, lost, gained and in the process of losing again. Wobbly bits are the fun bits! No one wants to shag a washboard.

Give myself an easier time – Failed miserably at this, this one is work in progress.

Be more patient – Failed!! I am trying!!

Have lower expectations of people – again work in progress. I just can’t help expecting people to act like me.

2014 resolutions
Complete the races I’ve entered
Complete the wainwrights
Lose weight
Be easier on myself and see what other people see in me.
Get my 40 list published into a book

Continue adding and ticking things off my fabulist! With this list not time frame to complete it in. A list for life!
To conquer my fear of water, learnt to swim in my twenties. But just to be able to put my head under water without freaking out would be an achievement.
Windermere marathon
Crown round walk
Bob graham round
Learn the harmonica
Kielder marathon
Learn to juggle I
Learn to skim stones
Learn to wolf whistle
Go to a Driving range
Do a Skid pan day
Rally day
Sky dive
Drive a speedboat
Walk the Cumbrian way
Learn to salsa
Learn flamenco
Publish a book
Become a world record holder -apparently I need to get 2000 people on space hoppers
Demolish a building
Learn to throw a lasso
Free fall simulator
Go to a firing range
Mud wrestle
Bridge bungee jump
Walk the Welsh 300
Learn Spanish
Sumo suit wrestling
Dine at le manoir
Dine at Gidleigh park
Dine at hand and flowers
Hot air balloon
Drive a caterham
Learn to tap dance
Row on open water with Kirsty Reid
La tomatina Spain
Fire walking
Visit buck palace
Go to the races
Try a bottle of cristal
Heavy horses with Rachel
Amsterdam with Rachel
Go on a bucking broncho
Learn to Ice skate with Niamh and Erin
Roller disco + Lisa, Nicola + tequila lime and salt
Light my farts
Lindy dance with Cate
Learn to play poker
Visit Downton Abbey
Have a drink in the Shard
Get me oldies played on radio 2
Perfect the pout
Learn to apply eyeshadow so don’t look like a tranny! Job for Jan
Visit St bees
Go round Cumbria on the train
Do Carlisle to settle on the train
Be a can can girl
Go on a sedgway
Learn to ski with heather
Go on zip wire in Wales
Go on a bobsleigh with jake
Go out in London in style with cate
Learn to aerial trapeze
Pull a wheelie Dave A
Drive a real steam train with Tim
Go to Wimbledon

What’s on your New Year resolutions?

Whatever it is, I hope you succeed and have a fabulous 2014. You have one life live it!


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