Item off my new Fabulist – trying Cristal champagne

Maybe it’s the inner chav in me that wanted to try Cristal champagne, but it made it onto my fabulist.

I had coveted trying this after seeing the sparkly bottle at my local wine merchants, Frank Stainton’s wine. The price tag put me off.

But with some Christmas money in my hand thought sod it. A negotiated discount and I was the proud owner of a bottle of Cristal. Jane said don’t over chill it and drink on its own.

The packaging is amazing.




So a turn of the cork and it was open.




First sip, searching my tastebuds to equate whether it was better than anything else I’ve tasted before. It was nice, light and dry as I would expect in a champagne. But if I’m honest I’ve had better and was a bit disappointed.

But I’ve tried it and can tick that off.


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